"The Jefferson Lies" by David Barton

Audio read by Bill DeWees: http://oasisaudio.com/product.php?prod=9781613750704
Book: http://www.christianbook.com/jefferson-exposing-always-believed-about-thomas/david-barton/9781595554598/pd/554598

America, in so many ways, has forgotten.

Its roots, its purpose, its identity—all have become shrouded behind a veil of political correctness bent on twisting the nation's founding, and its founders, to fit within a misshapen modern mold.

The time has come to remember again.

In The Jefferson Lies, prominent historian David Barton sets out to correct the distorted image of a once-beloved founding father, Thomas Jefferson. To do so, Barton tackles seven myths head-on, including:

• Did Thomas Jefferson really have a child by his young slave girl, Sally Hemings?
• Did he write his own Bible, excluding the parts of Christianity with which he disagreed?
• Was he a racist who opposed civil rights and equality for black Americans?
• Did he, in his pursuit of separation of church and state, advocate the secularizing of public life?

Through Jefferson's own words and the eyewitness testimony of contemporaries, Barton repaints a portrait of the man from Monticello as a visionary, an innovator, a man who revered Jesus, a classical Renaissance man—and a man whose pioneering stand for liberty and God-given inalienable rights fostered a better world for this nation and its posterity. For America, the time to remember these truths again is now.


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