The Chosunilbo: N.Koreans Face Execution for Contact with Missionary. http://google.com/newsstand/s/CBIwo5PAigk


Please pray



Christmas Music

Some of my favorite CCM-style Christmas songs (in no particular order):

mercyme - God rest ye merry gentlemen
derrick drover - God in the straw
sixpence none the richer - carol of the bells
britt nicole - this Christmas
folk angel - o come Emmanuel
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sghwe4TYY18 (great video to go along with music too)
amy grant - breath of Heaven (Mary's song)
kutless - Mary did you know, it came upon a midnight clear
demon hunter - the wind
queens club - you're a mean one mr grinch
ivoryline - o Holy night
barlowgirl - Hallelujah (Light has come), panis Angelicus
flyleaf - O Holy Night
poema - jingle bells
august burns red - little drummer boy, carol of the bells
groovestlyerz - white christmas (remix)
randy travis - o little town of Bethlehem
apologetix - Christmasnite
(recently came out with updated Christmas album: http://apologetix.com/store/store.php)


Voice of the Martyrs Prayer Update for Week of June 3 2013

Vietnam—Pastor Beaten to Death in Prison
Sources: VOM Sources, Christian Solidarity Worldwide

Philippians 1:21

Vietnamese church leader Hau Nyak from Dak Nong province died in prison on March 17 after being severely beaten by police officials. Hau and his brother were reportedly arrested on March 15, one day after the arrest of Hau’s wife and sister-in law, and told to bring bail for their wives’ release. The reason for the women’s arrest is unclear, as police did not present an arrest warrant. On March 17, Hau’s brother heard the sounds of a violent beating coming from Hau’s cell. As Hau was removed from his cell, his brother-in-law saw that he was “completely limp, as if he was dead, with purple marks on his throat.” On March 18, police claimed that Hau had died from putting his hand into an electric socket. The local church community described Hau as a courageous and compassionate person who defended the church he helped to build and refused to pay bribes to officials.[/quote]

Iran—Pastor Arrested and AOG Church Raided
Sources: VOM Sources, Farsi Christian News Network

2 Corinthians 4:16–17

Pastor Robert Asserian, of the Assemblies of God church in Tehran, was arrested and taken to an unknown location on May 21, after a large detachment of Islamic Security agents raided the church and arrested everyone present. Security agents first raided Pastor Asserian’s home, confiscating many of his belongings. They then searched the church, seizing books, documents and some equipment. The arrests and raid are thought to be in retaliation for the church’s refusal to close its doors after Islamic officials offered to release Pastor Farhad and his wife (arrested in December 2011) if the church would close. A source from the church said, “The pressure has become unbearable; the government authorities constantly threaten the church leaders and their families with imprisonment, unexplained accidents, kidnapping and even with execution. We cannot go on like this.”[/quote]

Nigeria—Pastor Murdered by Muslim Militants
Source: VOM Sources

Psalm 34:18

On May 14, Pastor Faye Pama, Secretary of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Borno State and Senior Pastor of Rhema Assembly Church, was murdered by Boko Haram militants. The attackers reportedly followed Pastor Pama to his home in Maiduguri after he left a Bible study at his church. The gunmen dragged Pastor Pama out of his house and shot him to death in front of his 17-year-old daughter as she pleaded for his life. Pastor Pama was a husband and father of four children, ages 19, 17, 11 and 6. He served in ministry leadership for more than 26 years and believed that Muslims could be won to Christ only by showing them love, rather than through fighting. The Muslim militant group Boko Haram has reportedly killed more than 4,000 people since 2009.[/quote]

Colombia—VOM Project

Pray for widows and fatherless children who will be ministered to at the Life Center Safe House during their grieving and healing process. While at the Life Center, widows are trained to become the financial provider for their family and children attend school and church on a regular basis. They also help with chores around the home and are enrolled in a counseling program to help them deal with the loss of their fathers.


 © 2013 The Voice of the Martyrs


Voice of the Martyrs Prayer Update for Week of March 22, 2013

Pakistan--Christian Neighborhood Destroyed in Riot
Source: VOM Contacts

Romans 12:12

A mob of about 3,000 people looted and burned a Christian neighborhood in Lahore on March 9 after a man in the neighborhood was accused of blasphemy. The riot forced 200 families to flee. Mosque loudspeakers began to broadcast news of the blasphemy charge at 4 p.m. on Friday, March 8, and a mob of extremists appeared in the neighborhood at 9 the next morning. Terrified Christians fled their homes, remembering a 2009 riot in Gojra, Pakistan, in which eight Christians were killed, many more injured and at least 40 homes destroyed. As in Gojra, police in Lahore apparently stood by while the mob destroyed at least 175 homes in the neighborhood over a five-hour period. The man accused of blasphemy is in police custody.

Senegal--Brazilian Christians Remain in Jail After Conversion Complaint
Source: VOM Contacts

1 John 5:14

Two Brazilian Christians remain in prison in Senegal on charges of kidnapping and child trafficking. The Christians operated a home for street children, many of whom were members of Quranic schools that force their pupils to sleep on the streets. The home provided food, shelter and education to about 17 children. After one of the youths told his father he had become a Christian at the home, the boy's father made accusations against Pastor Jose Dilson Alves Da Silva. Legal efforts and intervention by Brazilian diplomats have so far had no effect. "This is a prayer subject for all of us," said VOM's field worker in Senegal. "The only person who can solve this problem is the Lord."

Turkey--Murder Conspirators Released on Bail
Source: VOM Contacts

Colossians 4:2

All but one of the 14 men arrested in a murder plot against Pastor Emre in Izmit have been released on bail, pending the investigation and trial. According to VOM's field worker for the region, "Christians have to work harder than most people to get justice in Turkey, a country where victims need lawyers to push the justice system to pursue justice." Pastor Emre has already offered forgiveness to the conspirators.

Laos--VOM Project

Pray for eight young Khmu women who are receiving training in biblical studies and in tailoring. The young women are daughters of pastors, ministry leaders and PSP workers. Some of their families have been directly persecuted, and many of them see opposition to Christianity in their villages.

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PrisonerAlert Update: Please pray for Eva Abdallah

Please pray for Tanzanian Christian prisoner Eva Abdallah. She has been summoned from her prison in Bagamoyo to appear before the High Court in Tanzania's capital. She is to appear Monday, Dec. 10 before the court in Dar es Salaam.



Genius: The Movie Trailer


If you think you know everything there is to know about John Lennon, think again. Genius will open your eyes.

From the Producers of "180" movie.

Coming December 8, 2012.


Car Crash Survivor Believes He is Alive for a Reason

Antonio believes he survived horrific car-wreck injuries for a reason.


Tamela Mann - Take Me To The King


Hollywood Prayer Network Newsletter (November 2012)

Hollywood Prayer Network Logo
November 2012 Newsletter

(Blog Disclaimer: All information, links and photos from Hollywood Prayer Network. Re-posted here for informative/educational purposes only. Subscription info and Official Website: http://www.hollywoodprayernetwork.org )
Dear HPN members,
This is a month to give thanks to God for who He is, for all that He gives, and all that we are, because of Him. Would you join us in praying for Hollywood with an attitude of great thanks? God has been doing so many amazing things in our industry, and we want to be full of thanksgiving!
• We want to PRAISE GOD for two recent HPN events!
•  Thank God for the current TV shows that are dealing with solid Biblical themes.
•  Thank God for the Bible studies and prayer groups happening in Hollywood.
•  I want to apologize for HPN's prayer request last month about horror films.   
•  Pray for the decisions made at American Film Market (AFM).
•  Pray for Caren Bream in her last month on staff at HPN.
•  Pray for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler who are co-hosting this year's Golden Globe Awards.
• Pray for Steven Spielberg, director of the Daniel Day Lewis film, Lincoln.
• Pray for the people who are in the limelight.
• Pray for the Lord to touch the hearts of the people here who don’t believe in Jesus.
• Pray for the employees of Universal Studios who are being laid off.
• Pray for Bob Iger & Disney for their recent purchase Lucas Films for $4.05 billion.
• Pray for upcoming film releases and TV specials airing during the holiday season.
•  Thank God for the Twin Cities HPN Local Chapter’s weekly prayer meetings.
• The Greater LA Agency on Deafness wants our help in donating small toys & cookies.
• HPN wants to help the hurting and displaced artists from Hurricane Sandy.
• Check out our list of upcoming events. There is a lot happening in our community!
• We want to PRAISE GOD for two recent HPN events! We had an amazing prayer night last Tuesday for industry professionals, and the Lord showed up powerfully. He encouraged, healed, strengthened and empowered people in ways that many hadn't experienced before. Then this past Sunday, we had an afternoon event to share our vision with some wonderful industry insiders and outsiders, and we were so grateful for the way the Lord showed up in that place. God is truly moving in Hollywood, and we are VERY THANKFUL!
•  We want to thank God for the current TV shows dealing with solid Biblical themes. Though HPN doesn't recommend these series to everyone, we do want to thank God that the writers and producers are seeking deeper issues, and we want to thank God and ask Him to use these shows to bring people closer to Him. Boardwalk Empire is a powerful morality tale. A recent episode of Parenthood was dealing with solid Truth. Copper has honorable characters, and Blue Bloods depicts a strong Catholic family who says Sunday dinner prayers in almost every episode. Recently, all of these TV shows have presented God in a positive way and represent honest Christian values, though they are not all family shows. God is reaching out to the late night TV audience and we thank Him for that.
•  Let’s thank the Lord for all of the Bible studies and prayer groups happening in Hollywood. Some of the larger groups meeting are Tinseltown Ministries, Hope4Hollywood, Artisan and Hollywood Ministries. There are also many home studies and smaller prayer groups that meet all over the city every week. It's a miracle to know that Christian industry professionals are gathering for prayer and Bible study almost every day of the month, and we want to praise God for that! If you lead a study or prayer group that you’d like us to know about, email info@hpnemail.org, and we’ll add you to the growing list. For a list of the active ministries in town, click HERE.
•  I want to make an apology regarding HPN's prayer request last month about horror films, and I hope those of you who disagree with me will hear my heart. I was approached by a few people I respect greatly about their concern with the wording of that request. And after re-reading it, I agree that in my desire to express my concern for the un-redemptive exploitation of evil in some films, I failed to express my support of Christians reaching the horror film audience through their work in that genre. I also sounded very negative, instead of pointing out the positive. My commitment when I started HPN 11 years ago was to NEVER pray AGAINST anything, but to only pray FOR people and FOR God to work miracles in and through our culture, through the media. I’m sorry that request broke that commitment.
All horror films deal with evil. Yet some deal with a Biblical perspective of evil, like the ones made by the people we know. There are wonderful believers in our industry who work in some of the toughest genres of the business, and HPN supports, encourages and prays for every one of them. We believe they are working right where they need to be and that they are approaching the genre with truth, integrity and wisdom. Some solid members of our community are working in horror films, soap operas, edgy films and controversial TV shows, and we thank God for them and their call to reach the people who would never work on family fare, or the audience that would never go to “family films” or watch “family programming.” I can say with confidence that every Christian I know who works in what some Christians call “questionable” areas of the entertainment industry are actually making an eternal difference. God is using them in powerful ways, in the lives of their co-workers and through the message of the stories, and they are fulfilling a God-given purpose. There is only pure darkness when there is no light present!
Some Christians harshly judge the horror film genre, yet they don't realize that the people who go to horror films are often faced with tough life questions that others don't ever deal with. These films address questions about how to handle real evil, how to understand the reality of evil and horror in the world, and what they believe about the spiritual realm. And the Christian writers are presenting those questions with truth. So, I want to apologize to my friends and any other people whom I offended by my misworded request. I did you and your work a disservice, and I want you to know that I am thankful for the important part you play in the Body of Christ.
Please pray that we, as the Church, can support God’s people who work in tougher areas, embrace these difficult issues, and seek God when pushed out of our comfort zone. We will be more effective and loving in the world if we support all the parts of the Body. Here are two respected articles I recommend on the spiritual issues of horror films, written by and about two friends in our community. For an interview with Scott Derrickson in Christianity Today, click HERE. For a theologically rich apologetic of horrow by Brian Godawa, click HERE.
•  Pray for the decisions made at the annual American Film Market (AFM) in Santa Monica, CA, Nov. 1-8th.  AFM’s partner, The American Institute (AFI) had a large festival of new International films as well. The AFM is the largest gathering of filmmakers, distributors, marketers, buyers and sellers in the world. Many films were bought and sold that week. Would you pray that the deals that continue to be made are for films with themes of truth, beauty, hope and joy, and that the Christians involved will bring integrity and honesty to the ongoing negotiations and contracts. For more info, click HERE.
•  We have big news from HPN: This is Caren Bream's last month officially on staff at HPN. After five years of dedicated service and incredible love, she is moving on to do more producing and ministry on her own. She has been an invaluable part of HPN, and we want to thank her for pouring her life into this ministry and ask God to bless her richly as she launches out on her own, trusting Him for her next step. Would you pray for her in this transition and ask the Lord to lead her, guide her and encourage her every step of the way? She will stay an active part of our community and our ministry, though now as a leader in her own right. We look forward to all that the Lord has in store, both for Caren and for HPN. Lisa and Karen are holding down the HPN fort and anticipating a great future for all of us! You can tell Caren that you’ll miss her by emailing: Caren@hpnemail.org.
• Pray for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler who were just announced as co-hosts of this year's Golden Globe Awards on Jan. 13th. Tina and Amy are both talented comedians, and we ask the Lord to lead their writing, their performing and their life choices as they make the world smile. For more info, click HERE.
A great film of the season is Lincoln, starring Daniel Day Lewis and directed by Steven Spielberg. Steven’s films reflect his own life journey, and this film in some ways reflect his relationship with his own father. Let’s pray for Spielberg, Lewis and other creative professionals to be able to understand that their own personal spiritual journeys start with the relationship with their parents. It’s easier to embrace our heavenly Father if we were able to embrace our earthly fathers. And, we have to heal the relationships with our own fathers before we can expect to fully love God, our Father. For a great interview with Spielberg about his father and Lincoln, click HERE.
• Pray for the people in the limelight who have a much more difficult lives than many on the outside realize. Here is a comment from a friend whose child is a celebrity in the industry: "Hollywood is a lonely place, and fame and success is a lightening rod. Because I know you are praying, I don't feel so alone in our struggles." Would you lift up the high profile people who appear to have the “perfect life” but are really struggling in ways that are much deeper than we imagine? Also, we want to keep praying for Justin Bieber and his mom, Pattie, for they need the Lord to guide them, give them wisdom, and carry them through difficult decisions.
• Pray for the Lord to touch the hearts of the people here who don’t believe in Jesus or are angry with God, and stir them so they cannot rest until they find the unconditional love of Jesus, their Messiah. There are so many hardened hearts here because of disappointment, divorce or despair, and only the Lord can soften them so that they are able to be open to Him.
• Pray for the employees in the Feature Film Division of Universal Studios who are being laid off. Since Universal purchased Comcast, they are now switching their focus to producing more TV shows than feature films. Hence they already had one big lay-off and they are planning another one in January, 2013. Many studio employees, including friends from our community, have or will lose their jobs at a difficult time of year in our country. May the Lord give them hope, strength and guidance when trying to decide what to do next.
• As Universal cuts back their Film Division, Disney expands theirs by purchasing all of Lucas Films and their Intellectual Property and Rights. Let’s keep pray for Bob Iger and the decision-makers, after spending $4.05 billion, to maintain wisdom and integrity in their decisions with making the next three Star Wars films, with marketing, merchandising, etc. May the Lord lead and guide their steps. For more info, click HERE.
• Please pray for upcoming film releases and TV specials in the holiday season as we get more opportunities to talk about Jesus through what’s offered in our culture’s entertainment. Keep your eyes out for TV Specials, features and films released on DVD that talk about Christmas. Some new family films include:
·      Rise of the Guardians
·      Christmas Oranges
May we take every opportunity to have discussions with friends and family about the true meaning of Christmas.
•  The Twin Cities HPN Local Chapter is meeting weekly for prayer, and they are flourishing. That's great news and we thank the Lord for Heidi's leadership and the eternal difference they are all making through their faithful prayers for our industry, their monthly media missionaries and their Target Redemption Prayers each week. Click HERE for the latest TRP.
• The Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness (GLAD) is requesting our help in donating small toys and cookies that fit into goodie bags to be given to 200 deaf children in low income families this Christmas at GLAD's 29th Annual Holiday Party on Dec. 15th. They also need volunteers to help stuff bags. If you would like to participate, please email Rafif Gerrard at rgerrard@gladinc.org or call him at (323) 892-2312.
• Please pray for the people on the East Coast who have experienced loss or been displaced by Hurricane Sandy. Many New York artists have been hurt, artists and musicians have lost supplies, instruments and other means of income, and many people have lost their homes or their jobs because of the devastation. Let's pray for the Lord to supply for these hurting artists. We thank the International Arts Movement (IAM) who immediately jumped in to help the creative community. HPN has partnered with IAM in NYC in order to more directly help our East Coast friends and colleagues. IAM is working with individuals and local churches and facilitating ways to reach the marginalized, including non-Christians and non-church going believers who may be affected by the storm. Would you not only pray for them as they reach out, but also consider donating funds toward the cause? You can make a direct difference by giving to IAM as they reach the personal and spiritual needs of the hurting NYC creative community. To find out how, click HERE. IAM encourages artists of any discipline to express your feelings of these devastations through creating a song, a painting, a video, a sculpture, etc. IAM will post your work on their site for viewing and discussion about the struggles artists experience. They encourage you to do that. For more info about IAM ang the work they do, click HERE.
• Christians are gathering at Dodgers Stadium this Sunday, Nov. 18th with the event GO2BAT4LIFE! More than 25k people will come together for a prayer walk around the stadium to listen to the music of Lincoln Brewster, Christafari, and speakers young and old talk about their experience with pregnancy. Please pray for this event, that God will move everyone's hearts to value every life, especially at the center of Hollywood! For more information, click HERE.
•  The HPN Miami Local Chapter is helping with the March 2013 International Christian Film Festival. This festival is a great opportunity to recognize and market Christian films. It covers different categories of productions, and they would like to invite Christian filmmakers from all over the world to participate. To find out more info, click HERE
• For other upcoming events, click HERE.
Have a very thankful Thanksgiving! And may this month bring you God's full riches in your heart and spirit, and may you see the miracles and breakthroughs that we're starting to see more in Hollywood. 
With deep thanks,
Karen, Caren and Lisa
What’s the key to loving people to Jesus? HOSPITALITY
“I fear the day when the technology overlaps with our humanity. The world will only have a generation of idiots.” Albert Einstein
“For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like a mortal human being and birds and animals and reptiles." Romans 1:21-23
Remember to sign up at Ralphs/Kroger to automatically donate a % of your grocery bill to HPN, and it's free for you! We actually get quarterly checks from Ralphs because of those of you who have signed up. To help our ministry, just click HERE.
And if you've been considering donating to HPN, please know that we would be honored to have you join our giving team. We take all of our donations very seriously, and we are open to our donors with our financial information. For an end-of-the-year gift, either mail us a check or give online HERE.
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