Concern Over Show Called "Wretched"

I just watched a show hosted by Todd Friel called "Wretched" last night (04/04/2008) on FamilyNet. I was honestly upset with some of the things said on the show. I had previously never heard of the show and I don't know hardly anything about Todd Friel, but I was interested. I watched and I found the show to be un-Biblical at least on three accounts. I didn't even watch the rest of the show because it's so bad. I think that I am going to try and watch another episode to see if it's still bad or it was only that episode. But, I decided to write something to you anyway because just one episode like that is bad enough. Someone like myself who is a Christian and knows the Bible can catch false teaching in its tracks much more easily than a lost person or a newfound Christian. I am seriously concerned about the random lost person or new Christian that can be easily deceived by the false teachings and questionable sarcasm of Todd Friel on this programme. Half the time I didn't know whether Todd Friel was being sarcastic or not, but the fact that he never made it clear by telling the viewer what he really thinks about something proves that he either actually believes in what he was saying which is both upsetting and sad OR that he's not thinking straight. Please pray what God's Will is in this and pray for Todd Friel. Keep people away from this show or if you do decide to watch it, then teach those that might not know better why he is teaching falsely. Thank You and God Bless You In Jesus Name. Amen.

The show airs on the TV network called FamilyNet weeknights at 9PM (CST). You can contact the show by going on to www.familynet.com

C.A.T.S. (Christian Artist Talent Search)

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I am concerned about a TV show called Christian Artist Talent Search (C.A.T.S. for short). Last week I watched part of an episode and I was honestly appalled by what is going on in the show. I tried to give the show the benefit of the doubt, but the longer I watched the more disgusted I became. The reason why is because I don't believe that anyone who wants to sing praises to God and bring glory to Him through music does not sing beautifully. I don't care what their voice sounds like - it's beautiful. Watching the judges was upsetting for me because I would see their reactions to the contestants and I felt like this is something like "American idol" (which I don't watch, but I've seen clips of the show and I have heard a lot about it). I don't know the premise of the show in the sense of whether or not it's an audition for a show or for an individual recording contract or what. I can understand that if this is an audition and there is intended to be only one that wins the "prize" then there has to be elimination of everyone else until they get the final contestant that they think is most talented. I kept that in mind as I watched the programme, but I was still upset by the judges and the way they behaved on the show. The way it was filmed came off to me like it's some kind of sinful parody show. I could have been watching an episode of "Saturday Night Live" or "MAD TV," but this is supposed to be a Christian programme? You might not think there's something wrong with this picture, but I do. What's even sadder is that I'm not actually surprised that a Christian network would air this or that Christians would produce this because it's so easy to sin and give into doing stupid and tasteless things.

The show airs saturday nights on the Inspiration Network at 9PM and on i-Lifetv at 9:30PM (CST). You can email the show at cats@insp.com or call them at 803-578-1500.