The Walking Dead?

I made a video based on the Chick tract "Walking Dead?" and I also made a Spanish-language version here. They can be read for free online here and here.




New video I made about ocean and other water references in the Bible. 

The Secret of Akkadian Island by Jesus is Lord games

A Christian gaming group is creating a game about fighting a shadow government, but they need help to receive the funds to do it. They have a website and a Kickstarter page. Christian gamers need all the support they can get. It's hard to find decent games out there that want to shine the Light into the world. I'm thankful for people and gamers like these.



*By the way, I have no affiliation with this game company (Jesus is Lord games) even though my blog has a similar name - Jesus is Lord Forever (since 2007). I just happened to come across their game and wanted to support them.