Concern Over Show Called "Wretched"

I just watched a show hosted by Todd Friel called "Wretched" last night (04/04/2008) on FamilyNet. I was honestly upset with some of the things said on the show. I had previously never heard of the show and I don't know hardly anything about Todd Friel, but I was interested. I watched and I found the show to be un-Biblical at least on three accounts. I didn't even watch the rest of the show because it's so bad. I think that I am going to try and watch another episode to see if it's still bad or it was only that episode. But, I decided to write something to you anyway because just one episode like that is bad enough. Someone like myself who is a Christian and knows the Bible can catch false teaching in its tracks much more easily than a lost person or a newfound Christian. I am seriously concerned about the random lost person or new Christian that can be easily deceived by the false teachings and questionable sarcasm of Todd Friel on this programme. Half the time I didn't know whether Todd Friel was being sarcastic or not, but the fact that he never made it clear by telling the viewer what he really thinks about something proves that he either actually believes in what he was saying which is both upsetting and sad OR that he's not thinking straight. Please pray what God's Will is in this and pray for Todd Friel. Keep people away from this show or if you do decide to watch it, then teach those that might not know better why he is teaching falsely. Thank You and God Bless You In Jesus Name. Amen.

The show airs on the TV network called FamilyNet weeknights at 9PM (CST). You can contact the show by going on to www.familynet.com


Blogging for Huck said...

I am curious to what you saw that was false. I have not seen the show, but your post had a lot of accusations that were very unclear. I will wait to find out, in the meantime is there anywhere on the net you can watch this? God bless.

All For Him

David H. Willis said...

I have seen a few episodes and thought it was great for the most part. He seemed to be on point biblically, with the excception of his Calvinistic leanings.

preacherman said...

I want you to know that I enjoyed this post very much and your blog as well. I hope you have a blessed earthday!
In Him,
Kinney Mabry
Love for you to visit my blog anytime.

Anonymous said...

Todd Friel is one of the MOST Biblical Born Again Christians in the News, Media, Radio, Online, and in Biblical ministries out there. He ranks up there with John McArthur, John Piper and Paul Washer, and Billy & Franklin Graham. Just to name a few. His roots are that he was in the world, successful in worldly standup comic, went to seminary for years and then realized he wasnt saved. He got saved and has been on fire for the BIBLICAL gospel as presented in Scripture, and properly teaches from Scripture. He ran a ministry online and radio called "Talk the Walk" for years, and recently joined the ministry he is now associated with.

If your views are different it is because you are not saved, and believed a false modern gospel.

He is kind and caring and yet firm when he presents the gospel and answers questions. However, his forte is in Satire. Therefore it is a little bit hard for many people to "get" him, unless they listen to him for a while.

He is connected with Way of the Master ministries, and Kirk Cameron (who is doing wonderful gospel work in the dark/evil entertainment industry).


God Bless Todd Friel and the Biblical ministry and gospel that he presents and stands for.

Anonymous said...

PS. He does NOT have calvinist leanings. He is not calvinist nor armenianist...he is in the middle. Which is the most biblical as far as I am concerned.

Anonymous said...

PS. He does NOT have calvinist leanings. He is not calvinist nor armenianist...he is in the middle. Which is the most biblical as far as I am concerned.

John said...

I'm really curious what you found to be unbiblical in that episode of Wretched. You should clarify. It would be most interesting to read.

Todd Alwood said...

If you are going to say that he is unbiblical then you need to list the instances. I find that he is right on the mark and listen to his radio program often. He may have different views on nonessential things, but as far as the gospel and how you receive salvation he is very biblical. I think maybe you should listen to his radio program a few times to figure out his sense of humor and when he is being sarcastic.

Anonymous said...

I'm with the majority of comments here in that if you asre going to say Friel's unbiblical you better be able to back it up.