Hal Lindsey Report (8-24-12): The Dry Bones, "A Cancerous Tumor," "Never Again," Promises to Keep

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One of the central themes of Bible prophecy for the last days is the fate of the tiny nation of Israel. The Bible says that it will be restored to its ancestral home with its national identity, language, peculiar dietary laws, and unique religious practices intact.

Against all odds, the Jews have been restored to the land of their fathers. They have all the trappings of a nation, yet the Muslim world does not accept them as a nation. From the moment of their restoration, their Muslim neighbors began plotting the Jews' annihilation.

Several times, the surrounding Arab nations attacked tiny Israel, only to be defeated and lose territory in the process.

But it's critical to understand that it's not just the state of Israel that her enemies seek to destroy. Many of them advocate nothing less than the genocide of the Jewish race.

In fact, not since the era of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, has the rhetoric against the Jews been so incendiary.

Of course, Iran is leading the way. Most of us are familiar with the calls by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran's President, and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, its Supreme Leader, for Israel to be wiped from the map. Most recently, that dynamic duo has been referring to the Jewish state as a "cancerous tumor" and "a fake Zionist outgrowth." Various other Ayatollahs and Iranian military commanders are publicly echoing those disgusting terms and calling for Israel's utter annihilation.

Though the United Nations meekly condemns the rhetoric as "shameful" and "hateful," it does nothing about stopping it, despite the fact that the UN itself officially labels "incitement to genocide" as a "crime against humanity." (In fact, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has decided to travel to Tehran and hobnob with some of the world's most abusive dictators and regimes at next week's summit of non-aligned nations. Apparently that "moral authority" and "walking the walk" stuff is considered overrated in international diplomatic circles, anyway.)

This steady stream of genocidal invective has flowed from Tehran and its allies for decades, but it has been ratcheted up since 2001. In fact, the Iranians and their proxies have become more blatant about their intentions to annihilate the Jews than was Hitler!

You know, one of Israel's foundational principles is the motto: "Never again." Simply put, this means that, based on their past experiences with the world sitting idly by as first one tyrant, then another, tries to exterminate them, the Jews have decided that "never again" will they trust their survival to global goodwill.

Bible prophecy tells us there will be one more pan-Arab attempt to eliminate the state of Israel and the Jewish race. We know that one of the attacking factions will be led by Iran and Russia. At this moment, it appears that Iran and Israel, which intends to defend itself against Iranian threats of nuclear attack, are on a collision course. And I suspect that collision will happen sooner, rather than later. Yet prophecy tells us that both Iran and Israel will still be here when Armageddon breaks out.

This week, I'm going to scoot out on a limb and tell you what I suspect might happen to slow down the plunge toward that eventual climactic confrontation.

Also, when we look at all the chaos, uncertainty, danger, and sheer insanity that surrounds us daily, it's easy to become overwhelmed and discouraged. In those times, we all need to resort to the "Christian's Standard Operating Procedure." These are steps to be employed in times of crises, stress, and distress. In fact, it would be wise for each of us to employ the Christian's S.O.P. every day of our lives. I promise you, it will make a difference in your walk with God.

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