Political Correctness Will Destroy Us!

by Perry Stone Jr.

Several years ago during a Holy Land tour, I interviewed a noted Israeli leader who today is serving in one of the highest positions in the Israeli government. I have not aired the program yet, but may in the near future place it on the Stone Report. The interview occurred about fourteen months after the September 11 attacks, and at the time, America's war on terror was in full swing. This brilliant and well-spoken Israeli gave a warning to the United States that, today, almost seems prophetic.

He said, "The danger to America in the future will be that America's (terrorist) enemies that live within will use your own freedoms against you." He also observed that America is so concerned with being "politically correct" and wanting everyone to like to like them, that they will not profile the very people that could eventually bring a dirty nuke or a bio-weapon onto America's shores."

Israel is surrounded by people who would rejoice to see the death and destruction of both the Jewish people and the nation of Israel. These radicals are studying, researching, and doing all in their power to obtain information and materials they can use to bring some form of destruction to the people they hate the most: the Jews.

Israel, despite criticism from the U.S. administration and the liberals in Europe, is not hesitant to be "politically incorrect," and listen in on terrorist's conversations, intercept communications, and profile anyone and everyone they deem a danger to national security. For them, it is a matter of future survival.

Since January 1, 2009, if you have been paying any attention, you will notice there have been numerous planned attacks from Islamic fanatics, from North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, and Texas just to name a few. I asked a person who lives in one of the largest Islamic nations on earth why there has been such a surge in activity the past ten months. This was his observation:

"First, during the years following 9-11, the U.S. government made it clear that they would hunt down any terror groups on their own soil - without the permission of the United Nations, or the country where the fanatics were hiding. This caused hesitancy among some radical groups to organize attacks, as they knew they would be sought out and destroyed."

He said, "Now consider the changes that have occurred. In January 2009, the administration told the government departments not to use the word "Islamic terrorists" anymore. They have also planned to send many of the men at Guantanamo back to their own countries, close the base, and give the twelve meanest fanatics in the world a trial in New York with lawyers, instead of a military tribunal. Then, after the attacks on the military base in Texas, the administration did not mention the man's Islamic connection, and treated it like a domestic incident. The bottom line is, the fanatics are no longer afraid of America, or the new leadership, and they feel the leadership will not go after them and certainly will not initiate a war with an Islamic nation. They have been publicly told there will be no wars against Islamic nations."

When I was in Israel I spent time with several friends who have many relatives throughout the Middle East who work in positions of significance. A Muslim friend I have known for many years made an interesting comment. He said, "When your President comes to Egypt and Turkey and makes speeches, he emphasizes his Islamic roots and the people over here who are Muslims love him for that. However, it has the opposite effect among the fanatics, who believe he is using this as a trick to gain influence and eventually spread western customs and ideas in the Islamic world. He will never have the support of the fanatics and America will see more things happen because these crazy people are set on destroying the United States."

When the recent attack on the airliner failed on Christmas day, we were very blessed not to have had a plane blown out of the sky, killing people both in the air and on the ground. However, a recent report from the Gulf States said that there are 300 men prepared to carry out attacks, and in Britain there are 25 men trained to initiate various types of attacks. So if we think that by treating these individuals with respect and political correctness that we can change their hearts, then we are either stupid or deceived.

Not all Muslims are radicals. I know many Muslims living in Israel that are personal friends and are some of the friendliest people I have met anywhere in the world. Being a minister, they have great respect for me as a "man of God." My bus driver gave me his shoes when I left on this trip, because I said they were the coolest shoes I had ever seen. I tried to tell him I would not take them and he said, "You will insult me if you don't!"

The answer to our national security is not to be so concerned about offending someone, that we become passive and blind in the process. The day our enemies can have personal security for their trial (costing the American taxpayer about $75 million), have personal lawyers paid for by tax money, and make a circus of our justice system in the city where terrorists attacked and killed nearly 3,000 people, then we need Americans to rise up and speak up, because obviously too many people are passively going blind and deaf in D.C.

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