God is So Cool!

via ApologetiX Fan Club Newsletter, March 1, 2012

J. Jackson, lead singer and lyricist for ApologetiX here.

The first concert ApologetiX ever played was at a hair salon converted into a Christian coffee house, so it's fitting that the following occurred as we approach that concert's 20th anniversary:

I went to a salon Monday, and the stylist asked what I did for a living. After I told her, she asked the name of the band. When I said "ApologetiX," she acted like she'd heard of us, but I figured either our name sounded vaguely familiar or she was just being polite.

Then she said, "I never knew you guys were from Pittsburgh," and proceeded to tell me she'd had been part of an Assemblies of God drama team that had acted out our parodies in national competitions over the years.

It turns out she'd grown up listening to ApologetiX and still sings our lyrics when songs we've spoofed come on the radio. When her fiance complains that she isn't singing the right words, she says, "No, those are MY words!"

Ironically, right after she said she knew who we were, the radio station on the salon's sound system played five or six consecutive songs that we'd spoofed! It hadn't played any before that!

Later, as she was finishing up, she asked, "When you came here today, you didn't know you'd meet somebody whose life you touched, did you?" She couldn't wait to tell her friends, and I felt the same way. God is so cool!

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