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Dear HPN members,

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Hollywood! We have more daytime hours to pray now that we’re in daylight savings time. So let’s get to it!


• Praise God for our Annual Oscars Prayer Walk last month
• Pray for the top 10 winners of the 2012 Academy Awards
• Pray for "The Cry Hollywood" TODAY!
• Please choose one person in a film you love and pray for them this month
• Pray for Rainn Wilson, actor who plays Dwight in “The Office”
• Pray for the Lord’s presence to be at WonderCom 2012 on March 16-18
• Pray for the Christian entertainment audience to grow in wisdom
• Please pray for 'Seinfeld' Actor, Daniel Von Bargen
• Pray that all people can understand God’s view of beauty
• Pray for a group of Christians in Seattle on Saturday, March 24th
• Please pray for LAFSC alum, Katie, who teaches film in Africa
• Pray for man not to worship idols and for celebs who have to deal with it
• Pray for our communities’ upcoming events


• We praise God for our wonderful annual prayer walk around the Kodak Theatre (or the Chapter 11 Theatre, as Billy Crystal called it during the Oscars) on the Thurs. night before the Academy Awards. We had the most attendees yet. The prayer was powerful, some groups got to share their faith with a couple of the security guards, and it changed the perspective of some of the new pray-ers. Thanks to all who joined us, thanks to Christina, who organized it and thanks to you who prayed with us remotely!


• Thanks for praying with us for the Academy Awards. Let’s now pray that the top 10 winners will embrace Jesus, that they will find complete fulfillment and their true identity in Him and that they will be transformed by His unconditional love, hope and salvation:

1.Michel Hazanavicious - Winner of BEST DIRECTOR for "The Artist"
2. Jean Dujardin - Winner of BEST ACTOR for "The Artist"
3. Meryl Streep - Winner of BEST ACTRESS for "The Iron Lady"
4. Christopher Plummer - Winner of BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR for "Beginners"
5. Octavia Spencer - Winner of BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS for "The Help"
6. Woody Allen - Winner of BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY for "Midnight in Paris"
7. Alexander Payne - Winner of BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY for "The Descendants
8. Bret McKenzie - Winner of BEST ORIGINAL SONG for "Man or Muppet" from "The Muppets"
9. Robert Richardson - Winner of BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY for "Hugo"
10. Thomas Langmann - Producer of BEST PICTURE, "The Artist"


• Pray for "The Cry Hollywood" today, March 15th, when thousands will be converging on the Universal Studios Gibson Amphitheater for a "solemn assembly" of prayer. They describe it as not a conference, not a concert, but a cry from the hearts of men and women who know that God wants to move in the Arts and Entertainment industry. For more info click HERE.

• Please choose one person in a film you love and pray for God to reveal His unconditional love to him/her this month!

• Pray for Rainn Wilson, the actor most known as Dwight in TV’s “The Office,” who is a member of the Baha'i faith. Rainn says his faith “is very important to me. It's very personal." For more info on Rainn as you pray for him, click HERE.

• Pray for the Lord’s presence to be at WonderCom 2012 on March 16-18 at the Anaheim Convention Center. It’s a branch of Comic-Con and thousands of people attend to celebrate the world of comics, graphic novels and those in that world. For more info click HERE.

• Pray for the Christian entertainment audience to grow in wisdom as they learn how to watch, process and respond to films, TV shows, and music. We have to understand both what our entertainment is saying and how to talk about it with others in culturally relevant terms. Pray for wisdom and discernment in how we discuss today’s entertainment with others.

• Please pray for 'Seinfeld' Actor, Daniel Von Bargen, who was hospitalized after shooting himself in the head in a suicide attempt. When we see actors on television or in films, we fail to realize that they are human beings with hurts, wounds and even demons that they’re struggling with. Daniel did recover and we pray that he’ll find hope in Jesus. For more click HERE

• May we pray that all people, both outside and inside Hollywood, can understand God’s view of beauty, versus the media’s view of beauty. We are so superficial in what we value. God looks on the inside of us, not the outside. HPN member Brian S. Chan, author of The Purple Curtain, wrote a challenging article on beauty. As you pray, click HERE to read.


• Karen is speaking to a group of Christians in Seattle on Saturday, March 24th and HPN member Marylou asked that we pray for the one-day seminar on “How To Talk About Jesus Without Freaking Out.” Her heart is to bring in a committed group of people who want to reach out to their city and communities. She wants us to pray for the Lord to do miracles in Seattle.

• Please pray for LAFSC alum, Katie, who after working a few years in L.A. for casting directors, went on a missions trip to Africa ..... and found her calling. She now teaches at Film School Africa, a fairly new venture, to help young people with media interests, out of poverty, by preparing them for eligibility to a university level directing program. ~ Fran, Twin Cities

• Would HPN please pray for celebrities? With the deaths of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston - there's something to be said about mankind worshipping idols. Man was not created to be praised or worshipped - as humans we cannot handle it. As humans we put a lot of pressure on celebs to be "godlike" and there is so much pressure on them. They have so much to live up to, especially if their 'light as a star" has faded....I really believe that is what they go through. That's why I would never ever wish to have any kind of fame, it's a curse and most people do not know how to handle it. ~Howie


• K.E.Y.S. Hollywood on March 21st - 25th. This is a cutting edge gathering of business leaders to discuss spiritual, vocational and networking growth as Christians in our various marketplaces. Over 100 speakers will talk about their expertise as Christians in business. For more info. click HERE.

• The National Day of Prayer is coming up on THURSDAY, MAY 3rd, 7 -9pm. Our community gathering at CBS Television to pray for the nation, our city and our entertainment industry. The event is co-hosted by Bel Air Pres, Hollywood Pres., Beacon, HPN, The Greenhouse, and The National Prayer Committee. It will be a creative, exciting evening of prayer and praise with other industry professionals. Don't miss it! For more info. click HERE.

• The World Prayer Assembly is gathering in Jakarta, Indonesia this May 13 - 19th and HPN will be there. Please pray for Karen and Caren as we prepare to speak on and pray for the global entertainment industry, the impact that media has on the world and for God to do miracles in the creative community across the globe. We appreciate your prayers for us as we represent our community to 35,000 praying people.

• Writer, Stan Williams comes to LA to teach a popular day-long seminar on "The Moral Premise" on Saturday, May 12th. To get details, click HERE.

• For more upcoming events this month, click HERE.

Thank you for praying!

With Love,
Karen & Caren

“If you are here to be an artist, LA will not stop you. If you are here to be a celebrity, LA will kill you.” Jim Covell

“‘Do not turn to idols or make metal gods for yourselves. I am the LORD your God." Leviticus 19:3-5

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