"Cast of Characters: Lost & Found" by Max Lucado - Chapter One (Audio)

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I once was lost but now am found.

The words of the old hymn echo through the generations. They are a reminder that we are lost before we can be found. They are a promise that when we are the former, we can become the latter.

The Bible is filled with a cast of characters who were lost. The crippled man at the Beautiful Gate. The leper. Even King David, whose colossal collapse turned him into a liar and murderer. These are the hopeless, hapless, and hurting faces that fill Scripture. These are also the faces we see when we look in our own mirrors.

We've been crippled by fear, been rejected by those who are supposed to love us, and made the worst kinds of mistakes. We're lost.

But we're not without hope. The stories that pepper Scripture's pages tell us of a God who finds the lost. A God who gives grace and changes lives forever.

Join master storyteller Max Lucado on a journey through the stories of some of his favorite characters who encountered the living God. Those who were lost have been found.

And the same God who redeemed their lives can redeem yours too.

Read by Wayne Shepherd

URL Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEmRySFyAOo

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