Kirk Cameron on homosexuality and marriage

Amen. There was a time when something like this wouldn't even be an issue because most people feel this way (at least in this country), but they don't want to admit it because in recent times it's become 'politically incorrect' and 'taboo.' If someone believes that homosexuality is sinful and unGodly then they are considered 'homophobic,' as if they have no moral cause and good standing to believe and say such a thing. And they twist it around to make you as a Christian, or whoever else feels the same way, seem close-minded, archaic, and even hateful. Piers kept mentioning that 7 states have legalized gay marriage, but all I kept thinking was there's still 43 states that haven't, even in California which is always a strong Democratic and left-wing state it is still illegal. In fact, nearly all of the areas of the country where it is legalized are statistically the most un-religious areas of the country.

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Anonymous said...

Just because 7 States did don't make it right. if 7 people jump of a cliff is that right? should we all jump of a cliff?