Just a nice e-mail that is also cute:

Email message that was passed on to me so I thought I would share as well:

The reason I sing
is to praise the One who gave His life to be...
the reason I sing!

Ever have one of those days,

When something seems a bit "off"

But you just can't put your finger on it...

Or it seems like all the people around you are grouchy and just want to butt heads...

Sometimes, you just need to take a fresh new look and get a different perspective on things.

Remember, to try your best
To show kindness to others..cuz
It just feels so good!

(Sometimes looking at things
From their perspective
Might help.....)

So, when life gets you down...

Remember to just keep going,
And keep your head above water..

And you'll get by
With a little help from your friends!

To all of my Family and Friends ... Have a nice day.
Go Ahead
Make Someone Smile

Just A Nice Email....
Have a good day!

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