Perry Stone: 31 Days of March - Expect the Unexpected

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Original Message from Perry Stone:

Recently I shared a special word that the Lord gave to me about "Expecting the Unexpected." The Lord burned in my Spirit that His people need to seek Him for the unseen and unexpected blessings that He can provide through their acts of obedience. Prayerfully consider this word to determine if it is meant for you.

We are receiving prayer requests, offerings and praise reports from many that have acted upon this. The prayer requests we receive are collected in a specially designated prayer chest. We then gather together and come into agreement in prayer for the Lord to answer and move in these situations. This past Thursday evening the prayer requests were gathered and taken up to the prayer barn where the youth and prayer intercessors gathered around and prayed earnestly for the requests. We are receiving marvelous praise reports of healing, financial blessings and spiritual breakthroughs! To God be all glory!

The Holy Spirit instructed, "Take the entire month of March - for 31 days and go into agreement with every person who responds to this word; agreeing that this year the Father in heaven will release a special unexpected blessing upon them and their families." If you would like to participate in this "Expect the Unexpected" act of faith we invite you to submit your prayer request now and pray concerning sowing a seed. We are believing and agreeing with you to expect for the unexpected!

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Perry Stone, Jr.

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