Hal Lindsey Report (12-02-11): High Alert, a Gathering Storm, Doomsday 2012?, Time to Get Ready?, The Fear is Here

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The situation in Syria continues to deteriorate. Last week, the Arab League voted to suspend Syria's membership until Bashar al-Assad either steps down or stops his government's crackdown on protesters. The United Nations estimates that more than 3,500 have died in the continuing violence.

The economic sanctions imposed by the League will be a blow to Syria's economy, which is already weakened. But the suspension is an even bigger blow to Syria's pride. It has long considered itself a bulwark of Arab nationalism.

Syria's belligerent response -- not to mention Iran's and Hezbollah's moves to strengthen their ally's position -- has caused seven of Syria's neighbors to place their armed forces on high alert.

To further heighten the tension in the region, Russia has dispatched three warships to its naval maintenance base at Tartus, Syria. Its only aircraft carrier, the Admiral Kuznetsov, is headed for Syrian waters, too. Although Russia denies it, its naval presence in the region is widely considered a response to the fact that the United States has moved its carrier USS George H.W. Bush and part of the Sixth Fleet to lie off the Syrian coast.

Russia has already let it be known that it will not allow to happen to Bashar al-Assad what happened to Muammar Gadaffi in Libya. This, however, is not necessarily a stand Russia is taking on principle. Libya was one of Russia's prime customers for a variety of goods and services, arms included. Syria is also a major client state of the Russians. They've lost one good customer, they don't intend to lose another.

This will be the first military standoff between the two superpowers since the end of the Cold War two decades ago.

Some have asked if this might be the lead-up to the Bible's Psalm 83 war or the Gog-Magog war of Ezekiel 38 and 39. At this point, it doesn't appear to be developing as such. However, Isaiah's unfulfilled chapter 17 prophecy of the total and almost instantaneous destruction of Damascus makes any movement toward armed conflict with Syria worth watching. Especially since Syria has threatened Israel with attacks utilizing weapons of mass destruction. Israel has already made clear that if that happens, it will respond quickly and with overwhelming force. And Israel has the capability to make good on its threats. The only weapon that could cause the sudden and total destruction of Damascus -- as Isaiah predicted -- would be nuclear.

Folks, it's time to get ready for Christ's return. The utter destruction of Damascus is an important benchmark in God's "last days" scenario.

As we near the end of 2010, lots of viewers are also writing in to ask about the various and sundry 2012 doomsday predictions. Many want to know about the Mayan calendar, Planet X or Planet Nibiru, Comet Elenin, Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, and so forth. I've addressed this subject a few times before on the program.

Opinion about the Mayan calendar is split. Some experts believe the fact that it abruptly ends in what translates to 2012 indicates that there will be a positive physical or spiritual transformation of the earth next year. Others -- especially Hollywood and the popular culture -- prefer the other theory: the world will literally, physically, and, apparently, very violently end on December 21, 2012.

The Planet X believers also promote a traumatic physical-destruction-of-the-earth theory. Planet X, or Nibiru, is supposedly four times larger than the earth and is headed on a collision or near-miss course with our globe next year. Obviously, if it collides with us, we're goners. If it passes near us, its size and gravitational pull on the earth will make us wish we were goners. Neither is a pretty picture.

(Just a marginal note for those who have never heard of Planet X. We "know" about it because a woman started a website in 1995 to reveal its existence. She "knew" about it because some alien visitors to earth had implanted a communications device in her brain so they could keep her posted about its arrival. Oddly, no reputable astronomers have been able to locate it in the universe. The ones who claim to have found it say that it's "hidden" behind other planets and will become visible as it gets closer to earth. Unbelievably, Planet X has gathered quite a following here on this planet!)

Obviously, I believe that neither will happen. That's because I believe the Bible's version of what's to come on the earth. And it does not entail the imminent destruction of the universe or the disappearance of our planet. And why do I believe the Bible's version? Because EVERYTHING predicted by God's prophets in the past has come true with amazing precision. If they've been 100% right so far, why should I believe they'll be wrong now? (See how that works? That's why I keep insisting that knowing and understanding Bible prophecy is important for the Christian -- and for the non-believer, too!)

Finally, since it's the beginning of the Christmas season, I'm going to take a few minutes for a meditation on the advent of Jesus Christ. I want to discuss an aspect of His coming into this world that many preachers often overlook or fail to emphasize. Some simply don't understand this important point. It has to do with the efficacy of Christ's sacrifice and the promise it holds for everyone who believes and receives that gift of pardon.

Fully understanding the implications of the totality and finality of His sacrifice for us may revolutionize your approach to Christmas this year.

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