Hal Lindsey Report (12-23-11): Merry Christmas, the Mystery of the Magi

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This week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report'

Each year, I receive many requests to examine the story of those mysterious 'wise men' who traveled so far to worship the new 'King of the Jews.' Who were they? How did they know to watch for a sign in the heavens? How long did they wait for that sign? Where did they come from? (Hint: it's a land that's in the news today.) Why did gentiles come to worship the King of the Jews? How did God use them to preserve the Messiah's life? You'll learn the answers to all of these questions and more this week when I discuss "The Mystery of the Magi."

I pray that God will bless you for your faithful support of Hal Lindsey Media Ministries during 2011. 2012 promises to be even more exciting as the coming of our Savior and Lord draws near. It has caught the attention of Hollywood and the world. Speculation is rampant about the Mayan calendar and other secular prophecies predicting a major world catastrophe in 2012. Please continue to pray for America as she faces some of her darkest days and maybe the most critical election in our nation's history. Also, please continue to believe for God's blessing and provision for "The Hal Lindsey Report."

Don't lose hope. God is still in control and Christmas is a beautiful reminder of His great love for us.

Have a wonderful, blessed, and very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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God Bless,

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