Converse All-Star Chuck Taylor High Tops Party Sparkle In Red

"The famous and legendary Chuck Taylor All Stars by Converse have a great history and legacy as one of the first athletic shoes. Today, Chucks are cooler than ever, with a look that goes with nearly anything. Canvas upper, lace up front, vulcanized mid-sole and a variety of colours beyond your imagination is what make the Chucks what they are. Don't waste any more time, just click and purchase these red psycodelic ones now."

Oh yes. So cool. I rly want these shoes. I have always wanted sparkly red shoes and I might just get these. They seem hard to come by tho. And if someone were to ask me what the colors represent, I could say red represents the blood of Jesus and white represents the Spirit or I could say red represents heart and white represents spirit. You can spread the Gospel in any situation!



Carol said...

Or you could say "They're shoes. Cute shoes. Do they have to be symbolic?"

Spending that much money on a pair of sweatshop-made shoes is something the moneyless and egalitarian Jesus would have condemned as greedy and evil. You can't square it with your religion--you can't even square the core principles of capitalism with your religion--so screw it, why try? Just buy them cuz they're hot. I would.

Michele said...

Wow, creepy reply.