My Cell Phone/Mobile Phone

Product Description: With Push to Talk capabilities, the CG300 allows you to speak with up to 30 people instantly. Plus, it offers advanced Bluetooth, camera, and instant messaging features. Talk hands-free using a Bluetooth headset, take and save up to 300 photos, or send an IM with just a few keystrokes, all in a sleek and sporty clamshell. Like to travel? (source LG's website)

This is my cell phone. It is the only one that I've ever had and I've had it since august 2006. It's almost been three years now. The phone is pretty decent, except it's slightly broken and has been for maybe a year now. The sound doesn't work. I have to have it on vibration to know if I'm receiving a call or voice message or whatever. When I took it to the shop they said they couldn't fix it. So, I've been stuck with it. I'm used to it and it's not that bad. It's not a big deal anymore, but I would rather have sound.

I've been looking into getting a new cell phone. Do you think that I need a new cell phone? A lot of people would probably say "yes." But, is it really necessary? There are a few things that I consider when thinking of buying a new cell:

1) I don't want a bulky phone. I want one that will easily fit into my pocket because that is how I usually carry my cell. And, I want one that will not get easily scratched up or broken.

2) My cell phone company is AT&T/Cingular. What is the best cell phone company and what is the best plan. Also, which company gives you the best in international coverage? Most people don't seem to have the same company as me. It's always T-Mobile, Sprint or Cricket here it seems (South Texas).

3) I don't want to have to pay a whole lot of money for a cell phone if the one I have is pretty decent. I mean, there are more important things that I can use money for. So, if I do get a new cell phone I want it to be really worth it because money doesn't grow on trees (technically paper money does, but that is beside the point) and I would probably have it for at least two years.

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