The Carrie Prejean Incident

Miss California and Miss USA Runner-Up Carrie Prejean stands up for her Biblical beliefs rather than caving into political-correctness pressure. When asked by a Miss USA Pageant judge whether or not she is in favor of same-sex marriage, she stated that she is not and that is her belief. She did not win the crown. Many say, including another Miss USA Pageant judge, that her statement on the controversial issue cost her the crown.

I just think that this in an interesting situation. One one hand, as a Christian, I believe that she did the right thing in doing what she did. She stood up for her Biblical beliefs on national television rather than giving the easy, politically-correct answer. I think that is remarkable. One the other hand, even if you are not a Christian or are not someone who supports the Biblical definition of marriage, I think you would still have to agree that this is a person who was discriminated for their beliefs.

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