Angry much?

I don't understand why some people on the Internet can act so angry & disrespectful towards Christians and their honest/respectful videos/comments. I see it on YouTube all the time. I felt inspired to make this post on my blog because I just saw this comment on YouTube for a Christian video that I happened to come across (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTJehUIOoVA). I will blot out the curse words:

Moronic f**ktard..... I lived in west Texas in that town... the grass was brown all the time. That reservoir has been drying up for years. One algae bloom and this blowjobing c**kbite gets a woody???? F**k off.

Saved from what and by whom? There is no hell and no god to save you from it.

Y'all do yourself a favor. And grow the f**k up and get over it.

Lame a** punks like this b***h were seeing signs and promising the end 30 years ago. Those creeps were wrong then too.

It happens to me as well, once in a while. In fact, it just happened today. I wrote a comment for an AssociatedContent YouTube video about "ghosthunters" (you know those shows) the other day. I commented and basically said simply that ghosts are evil spirits not human spirits. That's all I said and someone replied to me with this (again I will blot out the curse words):

Give me a g*dd**ed break. And who told you this? Jesus? Was he a demon when he visited you with this information? Because he's dead, you know...

I don't take this stuff personally because I know that they are not really against me, but against God. I feel sorry for them even though it upsets me. God says to bless those who curse you. But, the point is that I can't recall ever behaving like that before I was a Christian and I had a lot of anger when I was younger. So, I just don't understand what would possess someone to launch an attack against someone else, and curse them out and belittle them so much when they are not even being hateful or disrespectful toward anyone. Why so much anger? There are some serious issues going on, and people need God and healing. We need to pray for these lost/wandering souls that desperately need Christ. God bless.

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