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  October 2012 Newsletter
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Dear HPN Prayer Partners,
The weather is finally cooling down in LA and we’re grateful. It’s Halloween month, a wonderful time of year to pray for the people, projects and issues in the entertainment industry. May we lift up God’s light and life during the second most profitable holiday for our nation and our industry. Let’s also pray for safety for our children on October 31st! We are so thankful that you’re praying with us and for us this month.
• Keep praying for studio and network executives to get hungry for the Lord
• Thank God that more influential people in Hollywood are becoming Christians 
• Halloween 3D has been pulled from being released for Halloween
• Thank you for coming to pray for the Industry
• Thanks for praying for the people in our industry who are in need of work
• Keep praying for Russell who is starting treatments for bladder cancer
• Pray for the hearts of the industry pros during this annual Awards season 
• Pray for Christian celebrities as they live and work in the public eye
•  Pray for the decision-makers at American and Foreign Film Festivals
• Pray for Ari Emanuel, Co-CEO at William Morris Endeavor
• Pray for Celine and her family members, who don’t know the Lord
• Be sure to join Ralph’s & Krogers’ Community Project for HPN
• We have an answered prayer from last month’s request to pray for studio and network executives to get hungry for the Lord. Just this month a top Studio Executive, who is a Christian member of our community, was highlighted in I AM Entertainment Magazine. DeVon Franklin is a respected creative Executive at Columbia Pictures. Let’s keep praying for his influence, his witness, his creativity, and his faithful walk with the Lord. Click HERE
• Thank the Lord that more and more people in influential positions in Hollywood are becoming Christians.  Pray for more decision-makers to experience God’s hand on them. Let’s pray for Record Executive, Bob Grace, who is going public with his conversion from decades ago while in the peak of his music career: Grace has worked with some of the biggest names in music—from David Bowie to The Spice Girls. But he says meeting God was the greatest experience of all.  Read his story HERE.
• As an answer to prayer for many, the upcoming horror film, Halloween 3D has been pulled from being released for Halloween because it wasn’t ready on time. It was the 8th sequel in a successful franchise and will held for a later release. Paranormal 4, however, will be released by Paramount Studios this month. May we praise God that He is bigger and stronger than any horror films and ask Him to protect the young people who are often exposed to darkness and horror for the first time, through these films. God is greater than any film!
• Thank you for those who joined us last Wednesday evening to pray for the industry. It was a wonderful night of industry professionals, USC students & Artists in Action, coming together here in LA to pray for the people we work with. We will continue to believe for God's miracles to happen in the Entertainment Industry!
• Thank you so much for your continued prayers for the people in our industry who are in need of work. Most of the new TV shows that have been picked up are shooting outside of LA and many, outside the US. So, we need to continue praying for the cast, staff and crews in LA who can’t get work – especially as we approach the holidays. May the Lord supply their daily bread and give them hope and the strength to depend solely on Him!
• Keep praying for Russell who is starting treatments for bladder cancer. Russell and his wife Marion are confident that healing is ahead, but they ask that we continue to be a part of his “Prayer Therapy!”
• Pray for the hearts of the industry pros who are anticipating the 2012 -2013 annual Awards season. We just finished the Emmy’s in Sept., on Oct. 22 is the 16th Annual Hollywood Film Awards, and then many other awards ceremonies follow, leading up to the Academy Awards on Feb. 24th, 2013. These awards shows become too important for the stars whose careers hang on what acknowledgments and accolades they receive. As we pray, let’s focus on Richard Gere, who, at 63 and 40 years into his career, may receive his first Oscar nomination this year. May Gere and other actors, directors, writers and producers with global influence, all find their identity in Jesus and not in man’s recognitions. For more info on The Hollywood Film Awards, click HERE.
• Pray for Christian entertainment celebrities in order to lift up their arms as they live and work in the public eye. These people of faith need our prayers because man was not meant to get the glory and they and their families have unique and difficult challenges, especially as they try to stay solid in their faith. Many of them are scorned by the church for working in Hollywood and scorned by some people in Hollywood for being Christians. Pray for their influence, their protection, their families and their faith. As you pray, read THIS recent article about how celebrities like Justin Bieber may be making Christianity more “cool."
•  In our changing industry, Film Festivals are a growing phenomena in America and internationally, because more and more filmmakers can gain recognition, get distribution or even get more financing for their features, short films and documentaries, through screening their films at Festivals, especially when they win Festival awards. There are also many Christian film festivals,  (one of the newer ones being: http://www.sdchristianfilmfestival.com/newSite/index.php. Please pray that filmmakers with quality films can gain recognition at Festivals and yet not find their identity in the awards they are seeking.  Also pray for the judges at Festivals to be wise in choosing the “best” films, for their decisions, now, more than ever, impact our culture and our entertainment choices. For a list of some of the major secular film festivals, click HERE.
•  Ari Emanuel, Co-CEO at William Morris Endeavor, recently posted 6 tips that he considers crucial to being successful in any business.  Though not a Christian, his list contains some biblical principals that are true in any setting.  Let's pray for Ari, that he realizes his understanding comes from his Creator, God! Click HERE

• Celine, who is from Europe, says, "I hope it would not be too much to ask if HPN could pray for my family. I am the only saved person and they do not understand why I would want to go to Hollywood. It is difficult to tell them I would like to witness to people in Hollywood so the people out there can hear the message of the Gospel." Please pray for Celine's family, who need to know Jesus, and also for Celine, both for her testimony and witness to her family and also as she attempts to ascertain God's direction for moving forward! Also, please pray for the other Christians who have a passion to pursue a career in entertainment and their families, who may not understand. May the Lord give them wisdom in making a decision that is His best plan for their lives.
• Thanks to all of you who have signed up to donate a portion of your Ralphs shopping bills to HPN.  Every time you shop at Ralphs or Krogers, 4% of your bill will be donated directly to HPN!!! We would LOVE to have you join our team of Community Donors.  Just click here and sign up, with absolutely no cost to you. Click HERE to join!
• If you want to join a new Bible study to help you find your calling, click on the link below to sign up. Kathy and Kevin teach every Sunday evening. Hope4Hollywood’s first 6 week study begins October 21st. To Register: http://hope4hollywood.com/register/ or email Kathy at coach4crossroads@yahoo.com.
• If you live in LA and want to post an upcoming event, click on Hollywood Connect’s facebook page. Or if you’re looking for something to go to, check it out HERE
Thanks for praying with us and have a great October.
Karen, Caren and Lisa
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(Blog Disclaimer: All information and links from Hollywood Prayer Network. Re-posted here for informative/educational purposes only.) 

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