Hal Lindsey Report (10-19-2012): What Global Warming?, Middle East Heating, Cyber-'Pearl Harbor,' the Sanctions Gamble, God Loves the Humble

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Are there subjects that just wear you out? Things you find yourself discussing again and again, yet there never seems to be a conclusion reached?

For me, one of those "are we talking about this again?" subjects is "man-made global warming." In the new PC vernacular, it's "climate change."

And the answer is, "Yes, we are talking about this again." However, this time, it's a bit of a surprise.

Recently, the British Met Office (I'm supposing that "Met" is the shortened version of "meteorological" since the British Met Office is Britain's weather bureau or the equivalent to our National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration) very quietly released an interesting report. And it's interesting because it seems to debunk a theory that the Brits were largely responsible for promoting to world prominence.

Apparently, a number of world-class scientists considered new data from more than 3,000 locations on land and sea. Their conclusion? There has been no appreciable global warming since 1997. 1997! Hey, that's when the Kyoto Protocols were signed obligating the West to hundreds of billions of dollars in research, clean-up, and extortion payments to the Third World. Though the United States never ratified Al Gore's greatest triumph (the Senate during Bill Clinton's reign refused to even consider it), the US has been going along with the program nonetheless.

Fortunately for Mr. Gore, he was able to amass a fortune and win both an Academy Award and a Nobel Peace Prize before the truth got out. Global warming was over before he began!

Now, I know what some of you are thinking: Hal must be a dunce if he can't see that there are changes happening in the earth. Well, if you've watched this program for any length of time, you know that I have never denied that there are changes taking place. In fact, I've discussed those changes at length. I've shown how the earth has gone through great, sometimes catastrophic, changes throughout its history. And that's the point. The earth has experienced global climate change on numerous occasions and none of it has ever been man-made, as the environmentalists now assert.

And further, not only have I and thousands of reputable scientists and experts been skeptical about the "man-made" aspects of "global warming," but we've been downright opposed to efforts to solve the problem by throwing billions of taxpayer dollars at it while wrecking entire economies in the name of environmentalism.

Students of Bible prophecy and viewers of "The Hal Lindsey Report" know that even Jesus Himself predicted that in the last days there would be tremendous weather events that would cause great fear among men. But He said the signs would be in the heavens, not the exhaust pipe or the smokestack! And most scientists will admit that the sun has a greater impact on earth's weather changes than your SUV!

Well, now that the Brits seem to be grudgingly admitting that maybe the entire "global warming" scam wasn't everything it was cracked up to be, we'll see what scheme the "government-funded-programs-can-solve-any-earthly-dilemma" crowd comes up with next that requires billions of your tax dollars.

And while the earth is apparently cooling down, the Middle East is heating up. Turkey and Syria have been trading artillery fire. Tens of thousands of refugees from Syria are now camping in Turkey. And even though the administration seems slow to acknowledge it, experience in Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia has taught us that, oftentimes, the rebels fighting the regime are as bad (or worse) than the regime itself.

That's why Western leaders are more worried that Bashar al-Assad's stockpile of chemical and biological weapons (one of the largest in the world) will fall into the hands of the rebels than they are that he'll use them on the Syrian population. I'm sure that prospect is keeping Israel's leaders up at night, too.

To complicate matters, Turkey is a member of NATO and, as such, has the right to summon help from her allies in NATO if she feels threatened. And since Syria and her allies, Iran, Lebanon, and Russia, seem unwilling to back down, the members of NATO may possibly have some difficult decisions to make before long.

Meanwhile, the European Union, which has lately come to realize that it might well be an EMP-attack target if Iran succeeds in securing nuclear weapons, has recently imposed a new round of sanctions on Iran. But it's doubtful that sanctions -- any sanctions -- can be ultimately effective in stopping Iran. Like in Iraq, sanctions hurt the common people, not the ones at the top. And certainly not the apparatus of state like the armies and defense forces.

The West is hoping that Joe Iranian will grow tired of the shortages and shake his fist at the Ayatollah for putting the nation in dire straits. But the Iranians are betting that decades of indoctrinating the populace about the evils of the Great and Little Satans will direct their anger at the West, not Tehran. And I think I'll put my money on the Ayatollahs. They obviously know their followers better than we do. Just ask Jimmy Carter.

But that doesn't mean the Iranians are so preoccupied with the sanctions they've time for nothing else. Quite the contrary. Recently, they've been busy trying to disrupt and destroy the US financial system with cyber warfare. They devastated Persian Gulf oil and gas companies during the summer. Now, they're trying to do the same here in the United States.

In fact, they've had enough success that US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta recently told a Senate committee that he feared a "cyber Pearl Harbor" in the near future. One that would cripple our power grid and government and financial systems. Welcome to the computer age!

But I do have some good news this week. The Bible tells us that even IRS agents can find redemption in Christ. In fact, in Luke's Gospel, Jesus said that a tax collector probably has a better chance at being saved than does a sanctimonious religious leader. Why? Because of humility. In His parable, Jesus cited the tax collector who realized he was a sinner and humbly asked forgiveness. Jesus said he went home "justified."

The religious leader, on the other hand, was so puffed up with pride in all of his good deeds and observances, that he made the mistake of believing that he deserved God's acceptance. Let me tell you one thing for certain: God hates arrogance and loves humility. That's why the tax collector went home redeemed and the religious leader when home lost. One was humble, the other arrogant.

If you've never received the forgiveness that Christ died to purchase for you, be honest with God. Admit your failings and your sinfulness. In humility, ask Him to do for you what you cannot do for yourself. God's heart is moved by genuine humbleness and He will cleanse you from all unrighteousness and make you one of His own. From that moment on, you will be part of God's family.

Do it now.

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