Demand that President Obama Defend Israel from Iranian Attacks

via ACLJ.org

Israel is facing grave danger and news reports say that President Obama won't assist in defending Israel. In fact, he has actually issued a warning to Israel: don't take military action against Iran; don't defend yourself.

Iran is less than a year away from having nuclear weapon capability, and today Iranian Leader Ayatollah Khamenei is calling Israel "a cancer tumor" that "definitely will be cut off."

It has been more than half a century since an American President has turned their back on our greatest ally. We cannot turn our back on Israel again. Demand that President Obama support Israel’s defense. Send him a message by signing the ACLJ’s urgent petition for Israel.

Petition in Support of Israel Taking Action Against a Nuclear Iran

To: President Obama

Defense Secretary Panetta has said that Iran is less than a year away from having nuclear capability. Iranian Leader Ayatollah Khamenei is again calling on radical Islamic nations to join together to destroy Israel and the Israeli people.

This is not the time for political posturing; it's time to show our unequivocal support for Israel. I urge you to make a strong public declaration that America will support any military action Israel deems necessary to defend the Israeli people.

Sign the Petition: http://aclj.org/israel/demand-president-obama-defend-israel-iranian-attacks

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