Daystar Needs Your Help!

Daystar Needs Your Help!

In the next day or two the United States Congress will be finalizing legislation (part of the Payroll Tax Credit Extension) that will take away our airwaves and force this channel and the program you are watching off the air. For good.

How? To find more spectrum for wireless companies, the government is looking to take the airwaves away from low-power religious broadcasters like us. Although there are ways for us to remain on the air and still free up spectrum, it seems that Speaker Boehner is objecting to those alternatives.

Low-power TV (LPTV) stations all over the country broadcast programs not often found on more traditional cable and broadcast channels. But if this legislation moves forward we will lose the ability to bring you the kind of news, information and entertainment you enjoy.

To stay on the air we desperately need our loyal viewers like you to immediately call Speaker John Boehner at 202-225-0600 and Majority Leader Eric Cantor 202-225-4000.

Also, please share this message with your friends through email and social networking - the government exists for the people, so let your voice be heard!

For more info or to share this message, visit: http://www.daystar.com/news-updates/help-daystar-stay-on-the-air/

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