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Three Things This Week

First, we have a great Valentine’s Special for everyone. Score big points with the love of your life with these four movies that women WILL love but will speak to any male viewer also. A great deal too. All four for only $19.97! (plus shipping) In stock and ready to go. http://www.christianmovies.com/valentine-special

Second, we received great feedback on our offer for the Jonathan Sperry special and would like to update you. We still have the $3.00/household offer where we mail the DVD, gospel of John and your letter so please keep this in mind. (must mail at least 600)

BUT……most of you would prefer to have the DVDs sent to you so you can hand them out locally and we are all for that too! We want to see people using these DVDs to share their faith with family, friends, co-workers, etc. Movies can be great tools to break the ice and get a meaningful spiritual discussions going and we have heard of hundreds and hundreds of decisions for the LORD after viewing the movie when there was follow up.

So, if you just want to receive DVD's to your church or home, we have special pricing for quantity orders as follows:

120 units for $4.50 / each
360 units for $2.75 / each
600 units for $2.00 / each
+ Plus Shipping

One idea would be to show the three minute promo at your church (you can download from the movie website) and encourage your people to grab DVDs on their way out the door to use to spread the truth! Ask them for a small donation to cover the DVDs if possible. Each family can take 4 DVDS for less than $10 and this could really make an impact in your community.

Finally, let me encourage you with a brief story of Frank Jenner, better known as “The Man from George Street”. A pastor in London tells the story how he met many people that had been given a gospel tract by a strange little white haired man who stepped out from a shop doorway on St. George Street in Sydney, Australia. In the course of a few months, and as this pastor travelled all over the world, he met people who had given their lives to Christ just because this faithful man handed them a tract and asked them the question, ‘If you die tonight, would you go to heaven?’

The Pastor was amazed as he continued to hear of testimony after testimony of people talking about meeting this man. Finally, the pastor’s travels brought him to Sydney and so he sought out to find Frank Jenner. At this time, Frank was very feeble and now homebound. Happy to meet each other, Frank told the pastor this. “I was living a reprobate life and in a crisis I really hit the wall. One of my colleagues was there to help me and led me to Jesus and the change in my life was night to day. I was so grateful that I promised God that I would share Jesus in a simple witness and I handed out tracts. I got lots of rejections, but a lot of people courteously took the tract. In 40 years of doing this though, I have never heard of one single person coming to Jesus….until today.”

You see, this pastor told Frank Jenner of the many people that he had met that kept telling them how their lives were changed by a tract and the one question Frank would always ask.

Would you consider using "The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry" to try and reach people for Christ, just as Frank Jenner used those Bible tracts to do the same? We have a lost and dying society out there that desperately needs Jesus. Thanks for your consideration.

Peace ONLY in Christ (Romans 5:1)

Rich Christiano

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