"Escape" New Christian Film

Escape coming August 21st on DVD & Blu-Ray at all Christian Bookstores
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After the tragic death of their infant daughter, Paul and Kimberley Jordan decide they want a complete life change, and Paul accepts a position with an NGO providing medical care to remote areas of Thailand.

But within days of their arrival, Paul is kidnapped and taken to a small island off the Thai coast. There, his kidnappers (defenders of a drug-running outpost) demand that he treat their leader, who has a horrible injury and infection. Back in Bangkok, Kimberley searches desperately for someone who will help her, or some clue of where Paul may be. Without hope, she turns to prayer.

While held captive, Paul meets another prisoner who is constantly quoting Scripture and praising God, despite the horrific circumstances under which he has been held for several years. Paul and the Prisoner become friends, and God's Word begins to come alive to him. Together they make a plan to escape from their captors, as the Leader looks sure to die, and without him, Paul is no longer needed.

When the day arrives, the plan goes wrong, and the Prisoner lays down his life so that Paul can escape on his own. From there, it's a chase back to civilization -- a race to return to Kimberley before the kidnappers track him down and kill him. With the Scriptures the Prisoner shared echoing in his mind, Paul realizes that his salvation is more than a physical return to civilization, but a complete surrender to God's plan for his life, whether pleasant or painful.

Paul returns to Bangkok a different person, humbled and believing. He's reunited with Kimberley, the kidnappers are tracked and caught, and Paul comforts the family of the Prisoner that sacrificed his life for Paul's freedom.

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