The Rubber Chicken Purse & Its Cat Umbrella Friend

Look how slick and yellow it is. I think that if I want eggs then I can put hard-boiled eggs in this and take them to go. It is so convenient to take eggs in. Plus, another thing is that it's convenient for eggs. Also, little yellow rubber chicks. Except then I would need to give them breathing room and so maybe I shouldn't put them in my new purse. What if the chicken purse itself can produce it's own "version" of the chicken egg though. It will come out leather. Oh no wait, make that fake leather.

Look at Mr. Umbrella Cat. He is so black and shiny with his eyes. Why does he stare at me like that? His sharp blue eyes pierce through to the very depths of my heart. Can he have another master that is any better than I? What if he doesn't realize that the blackness in him is actually cotton and colored inked? Is he going to have self-esteem issues? Oh, Mr. Umbrella Cat. If only you knew that you are just an umbrella and that the white whisker paint on your left is higher than the other. Huh? Now you just hold it right there, Mr. No, please Mr. Umbrella Cat. No. No. Wait! I know. I know. I shouldn't have said that. I take it back. You are the coolest Black Umbrella Cat in the whole world and I don't think there is another else like you that I have ever seen in my entire life ever in life forever.

(products by NY City Limits...everyone that's not from New York City knows that New York City is for crazy people like Mr. Umbrella Cat, right? right :)) (btw, I have nothing against NY City Limits, NYC & it's people and I think these items are cool, um in a "funny" way) thumbs up !

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