I Like This Shirt

This is "America." Cactus Fashions "America" Short Sleeve, Rhinestone Studded, V-Neck, 100% Cotton Printed Top - Blue. Especially appropriate for Memorial Day and 4th Of July.

About Cactus Fashions: Cactus Fashion contemporary tops are designed with 100% cotton for lightweight comfort and style. These versatile tops are a great (ed.) addition to any wardrobe offering an array of style and design flexibility. This woman's top offers a great (ed.) match to wear with jeans, shorts or dress pants basically a go anywhere, dress up or dress down top that's easy to pack, light weight and ultra comfortable. These contemporary, stylish tops take their unique designs from period prints, various food items, famous cities, western themes, flora and fauna as well as bits of nostalgia. The colorful printing of these tops utilizes a unique blend of multiple colors as well as subtle shadings producing a sure to get noticed look even before the added rhinestone highlights accentuate their unique designs. You'll find these tops are great (ed.) for year round use even in the summer the 3/4 sleeve offers a lot of breath-ability plus being made of lightweight cotton wears comfortably even in very hot climates. Please note that design, colors and styles change fairly rapidly in this product line and once a style is retired it is no longer available.

Mind you, it is expensive for just a shirt so I probably wouldn't buy it unless I had a lot of money to go around. But, if you have the money then it seems like a really cool shirt to have and wear.



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Daughter of Wisdom said...

That's a very cool looking shirt!