Hal Lindsey Report (11-11-11): Empires Rise and Fall, "Various Places," Target: Iran? and God Deleted

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This week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report'

One of the constants of history is that man seems to learn nothing from the constants of history.

Another is that nothing lasts forever. In fact, when viewed against the backdrop of mankind's time on earth, most things don't last very long. Especially empires. A couple of centuries, maybe three or four, is about as long as a dominant political system or culture can make it.

The more diverse and 'multicultural' (albeit a modern term) it is, the more tenuous and uncertain its lifespan.

Nowadays, we don't really think in terms of empires. The 20th century saw the demise of both the Ottoman and British "Empires." Things move too fast and the world is too interconnected and interdependent for an empire to have time to take root.

That's why it should come as no surprise that the 'empire' foretold in Bible prophecy for these last days may blossom faster and be more fluid in structure than those of the past. I'm referring to the predicted revival of the Roman Empire that Daniel described when interpreting the dream of King Nebuchadnezzar. He said that the final dominant system would rise out of the ruins of the old Roman Empire and that the Antichrist will rise out of that people and culture.

Now, most of you know that I have long held that that final empire will be some form of a European confederation of which Rome will be the center. This week, I'm going to explain further why I believe this and look at how unbelievably accurate Daniel's prediction is turning out to be.

I'm referring to his portrayal of that empire as "ten toes of iron mixed with clay," thus making it partly strong and partly weak. We need look no further than today's European Union. With more than 500 million people in a single market, it is, at once, the world's largest economy, yet it teeters on the verge of total economic collapse.

With Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, and now Italy facing catastrophic failure -- failure that may pull down the EU and much of the world with it -- it's very possible that the EU of today may not resemble the EU of next year. But there need not be total collapse to provide opportunity for the emergence of the Antichrist, complete economic chaos will do nicely, too.

Once again the prophets have peered across thousands of years and accurately described the events they saw unfolding in the future -- which, I believe, is our "today."

Over the years on my television programs, we've reported on earthquakes across the world -- places like Turkey, Iran, the South Pacific, the Indian Ocean, Asia, Japan, the Caribbean, and South America. Lately, though, we've been reporting on them in odd places like Missouri, Washington, D.C., and, now, Oklahoma. Though these quakes have not been as catastrophic as those in Sumatra and Japan, for instance, that literally moved land masses several feet and tilted the earth on its axis, they are notable because of Jesus Christ's prediction that in the last days we would see earthquakes in "various places." Of course, the implication here is that the earthquakes would occur in lots of different places and, probably, unusual places, at that.

Speaking of unusual places, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is now telling us that it has finally uncovered evidence of a nuclear program fully engaged in weaponization in a most unusual place: Iran. Of course, the IAEA is probably the only organization in the world that thinks Iran is an 'unusual' place for this discovery. Everyone else has known for years that it's happening. Most of the West, though, simply refused to acknowledge it.

In response to this week's IAEA report, the US is apparently going to follow its usual leadership tactic of late: leading from behind. However, rumor has it that it may have given the tacit 'green light' to Israel to go ahead and strike Iran before it's too late. This has led to great debate in Israel, not over whether to attack Iran -- most of the leadership now seems to be in agreement on that -- but, rather, whether to drop its longstanding policy of "nuclear ambiguity." That intentional veil of uncertainty has been a cornerstone element in Israel's survival strategy for decades. But their decision to remove that doubt -- if they decide to do so -- may signal the Israelis' realization that they pretty much stand alone in the world.

Finally, if you visit the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C., you may notice something missing: God. To correct this deliberate omission, Rep. Bill Johnson of Ohio has introduced legislation to have President Franklin D. Roosevelt's D-Day Prayer, which was broadcast live to the nation on the evening of June 6, 1944, displayed at the memorial. It is not unusual for an American president to call the nation to prayer, but it is unusual for the President to personally deliver that prayer, all 6 minutes of it, broadcast live nationally.

That prayer proved to be such a unifying and uplifting moment at a truly historic turning point in the war, that Congressman Johnson felt like it was a travesty not to include it in a memorial to the sacrifices made by Americans in World War II. And he felt like it was an even greater travesty when the Obama Administration publicly objected. They claimed that the prayer's inclusion at the memorial will "dilute its message" and its ability to inspire visitors.

Congressman Johnson responded that the Administration's objection, "boggles my mind."

Well, It disgusts me, too, but it doesn't surprise me. This denial of the spiritual heritage of our nation has been going on for a long time, but it is intensifying as we approach the end of this age. Folks, it's time for the true believers in America to stand up and be counted. If we don't, the spiritual and moral precepts upon which this great nation is founded -- and their expression by our nation's leaders -- will soon be as rare as the mention of God at the World War II Memorial.

That will be a sad day, indeed.

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