PrisonerAlert Update: Mehdi “Petros” Foroutan

Location: Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Arrested: September 2011
Days Imprisoned: 54

Update: Almost immediately after Mehdi "Petros" Foroutan reported to prison for his one-year sentence, authorities transferred him to the ward for recovering drug addicts. In October, one month after arriving at prison, Mehdi was put in solitary confinement. He was not allowed to make any phone calls, and his treatment in solitary was unknown.

Thankfully, he was moved out just a few days ago and is no longer in solitary confinement. Mehdi is in the general area of the prison.

Please pray for him. Diseases are easily transferred among the drug addicts, and Mehdi now lives among them. However, this circumstance is an opportunity for him, who can now witness to others in prison.

Mehdi “Petros” Foroutan, a 27-year-old pastor in Iran, was arrested in January 2010 and charged with crimes against national security and blasphemy against Islam. Although acquitted of the blasphemy charge and released on bail a month later, Pastor Foroutan was sentenced to one year in prison. Unlike most people who wait for an arrest warrant, Pastor Foroutan reported to prison on Sept. 25, 2011, to begin serving his sentence.

Almost immediately, Pastor Foroutan was transferred to the area of the prison for recovering drug addicts in Shiraz. It is often called “the end of the road” for addicts and drug dealers. Please pray for Pastor Foroutan’s safety and protection from easily transferred diseases as he lives among drug addicts. Pray that God uses and works through the pastor to free those held captive by addiction.

Please write a letter of encouragement to Pastor Forouton and let him know you are praying for him. Please do not speak negatively of the Iranian government in your letter or mention the name of the organization that provided this information.


© 2011 The Voice of the Martyrs

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