Voice of the Martyrs Prayer Update for week of June 29, 2012

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China—Police Raid Baptismal Service
China Aid Association
Psalm 66:3–5
Seventeen Chinese believers were temporarily detained and questioned earlier this month after local officials and police raided a baptismal service at the Bajaihu house church in Niuchang, in western China. More than 20 Christians were celebrating a baptism on the morning of June 7, when police officers raided their service. Officials from the domestic security department held 17 of the Christians for questioning until 7 p.m. The leader of the house church, Wang Lili, was not present during the raid, but officials confiscated her purse, which contained her government ID, her keys, and more than $565. Wang asked police for her purse the next day, but they refused to return it to her. And police required the husband of one detainee to sign a guarantee that his wife would not attend the house church services again. This caused the man, who is not a Christian, to become very angry with his wife. Pray for this woman and the other house church members. Pray that Christians in China will be able to worship as openly as they wish. 

Israel—Update: Bomber’s Lawyers Request Plea Bargain
Source: Mohabat News, Present Truth Ministries
Ecclesiastes 8:11–13
Attorneys for Jewish extremist Jack Teitel have proposed a plea agreement wherein Teitel would plead guilty to amended charges that do not include reference to hate crimes, according to recent Israeli news reports. If convicted under the amended charges, Teitel could be sent to a psychiatric facility rather than prison. Teitel has been charged with—and on multiple occasions has admitted to—bombing the home of well-known Messianic pastor David Ortiz, among other crimes. Teitel’s motivation for the bombing was thought to be ridding Israel of those with beliefs different from his own. It took the courts more than two years to determine that Teitel was mentally fit to stand trial. Pastor Ortiz’s son, Ami, was severely injured in the bombing but has made a significant recovery. The Ortiz family has requested prayer for the trial proceedings, that the judge would give appropriate sentences for each of Teitel’s crimes. “We have trained ourselves not to lose hope,” wrote Pastor Ortiz’s wife, Leah. “His Word comforts, supports, guides and gives hope, and his spirit enfolds us in his love.” 

Egypt—Attacks Continue in Plateau State
Source: Compass Direct News
Psalm 27:1–3
The fears of Egyptian Christians were realized on Sunday when Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Morsi was declared the winner of the presidential election. “I have not slept in three days to follow the results of the election,” wrote Aasim, our VOM worker in Egypt. “He is the worst man to control the country for us as Christians.” Just hours after the polls closed, the military leadership council issued a constitutional declaration limiting the powers of Egypt’s future president. In a previous move to retain control, two weeks ago the council dissolved the parliament, which was dominated by members of the Muslim Brotherhood party. Pledging to be a president for all Egyptians, Morsi has resigned from the Muslim Brotherhood and has promised to include Christians in his government. But Christians remain wary. “We trust that God is also in control and maybe he wants to revive the church in Egypt,” said Aasim. “We are waiting for the Lord.” 

Vietnam—VOM Project
Pray for those involved in a project to purchase and distribute digital media players equipped with audio Bibles, Christian movies and Christian audio books. The media players will be given to rural and tribal pastors.

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