The State Of The Nation

The state of this nation upsets me so much because there is so much sin going on. This nation has some very strong believers, but I believe that most people are in a sad state. I'm not talking about being poor. I'm talking about sin. I'm talking about Jesus. The reason why things are so bad is because this nation is so bad. We need a revival. We need to stop letting ourselves give in to the enemy and start standing up against the enemy. We need to stop living under the cloud of deception and live under the banner of truth. This nation will never change for the better if the majority of this country wants to live in rebellion against God. No, live in rebellion against satan, not God. God is the one that made you. God is the one that loves you. God is the one that blesses you. When you think that God doesn't love or that God doesn't care about you or that God is the one to blame for this and that, you're blaming the wrong person. And that only proves all the more how much satan has a hold of you. You don't realize what's happening. You don't understand. satan hates you and he wants to destroy you. he's not your friend. he wants you to think that God is bad, that God is boring, that God is lame, that God is for fools, that God isn't real, that God isn't THE ONE. he wants you to think that Jesus isn't God's Son, that Jesus didn't die on the cross, that Jesus didn't literally and physically rise from the dead and that Jesus isn't THE ONLY WAY. Of course satan doesn't want you to know the truth. he doesn't want you to have it good. he doesn't want you to be blessed. he doesn't want you to go to heaven.


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