What is the Belt of Truth and what do we lack when praying without it?

From Stream Ministries

You can’t truly advance the Kingdom of God and destroy the works of evil without invoking the Word of God. It’s essential we know who we are in Christ before we go to battle through prayer—and it doesn’t hurt to remind the enemy of that as well. The best defense against an enemy that rules and intimidates by lies is the counterpunch of the undeniable, infallible truth of scripture. Reading, understanding and speaking this Truth in prayer is the unseen violence that allows the Kingdom of God to be taken by force.

In John Paul’s course, Prayer and Spiritual Warfare, he speaks about this incredible, supernatural “full armor of God” that Paul exhorts us to put on in Ephesians 6, so that we might be able to “stand our ground.” The first part of the armor Paul mentions is the Belt of Truth.

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