Jack Van Impe Presents (6-16-2012) #1225

(c) J.V.I. Ministries - http://www.jvim.com/ - Jack Van Impe Presents #1225 (2012-06-16)

15000 gather to bring into action Sharia Law in the US...
Defense cuts carry dire results...
Professor of religion at Princeton University debunks the Book of Revelation...

Product Offer of the Week: 10 Hour Audio CD Set: "Revelation Revealed: Verse by Verse"; which can be purchased by phoning the telephone number on the  video or   by going to the JVIM Ministry online store: https://ww2.micahtek.com/nexolive/nJVISelector.cfm?rDATA1=SHOPPING

Thanks to CallOutToJesus on YouTube for uploading the videos there and the descriptions.

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