Voice of the Martyrs Prayer Update for week of June 15, 2012: Please pray for these persecuted Christians

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Nigeria—Boko Haram Attacks Church During Worship Service
Sources: Compass Direct News, Punch (Nigerian Newspaper)

Romans 15:5–6
Suicide bombers attacked the Living Faith Church in Yelwa, Nigeria, on Sunday, June 3, killing at least 13. Eight more deaths were later attributed to soldiers who responded to the blast. The Muslim extremist group Boko Haram claimed responsibility for the bombing, which also damaged the nearby Harvest Field Church. More than 60 people were taken to hospitals for treatment, 38 in critical condition. The suicide bomber detonated his bomb after his vehicle was stopped at a security checkpoint in front of the church compound. In a statement sent to journalists last week, a Boko Haram spokesman promised more violence. The group is responsible for the deaths of at least 181 Christians since December. The pastor of the Living Faith Church, Gauis Biyal, urged Christians not to seek revenge. Pray for peace in Nigeria, and pray that Christians there will be motivated to follow Christ wholeheartedly, at any cost. 

Indonesia—Two Evangelists Arrested and Beaten in Banda Aceh
Sources: VOM Contacts

1 Peter 2:20–21
Two evangelists were arrested and beaten after meeting with a Muslim woman on Indonesia’s Sumatra island. The evangelists, Roy and Ribur, were accused of coercing the woman, from a Muslim majority area, to be baptized. The pair had met with the woman previously and asked her to join their church. They were subsequently invited to her home on Wednesday, May 28, for further discussion. But when the evangelists mentioned Jesus Christ, the woman appeared confused and went outside to talk with her neighbor. She eventually went to the village head to report that there were Christians in the village. Roy and Ribur were then brought before the village head, who confiscated their bags containing gospel tracts, a list of new believers and a water bottle that was believed to be used for baptisms. News of the “forced” baptism quickly spread, and a mob that had gathered outside the village leader’s office began to beat Roy and Ribur. Police intervened and arrested the two evangelists. Pray for Roy and Ribur, and pray that God will soften the hearts of the people in Banda Aceh. 

Laos—Officials Seek Evangelists Responsible for Christian Conversions
Sources: VOM Contacts

Acts 4:29
Police in Laos are looking for the evangelists who led 55 Hmong people to Christ in two different provinces in May. In one province, 45 people converted to Christianity. “Police are searching for the one who spread the Good News,” wrote a VOM contact. In Luang Prabang province, a Christian evangelist led 10 people to Christ. Provincial officials there know who introduced the families to Christ and have reported the information to authorities. This worker is now being watched. Pray for the protection of this worker as well as the protection of other Hmong evangelists in the region. 

North Korea
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