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From HPN Newsletter for June 2012: 
It's SUMMER!!!! The TV staffing season is winding down and all of the summer films have been announced and are being released. With hiatus and vacation on everyone's mind, let's focus this month on praying for Christians and the impact we can have on our world through praying for the media and entertainment industry. If we will spread the word to our friends, family members and churches to join us in praying for Hollywood, we will see a greater eternal difference, not only here, but around the world. Thanks for praying with us and for us!

• Thank God and you for answered prayers as we went to Indonesia last month
• Praise God for spreading the message of Hollywood as a powerful marketplace
• Continue to pray for Gloria’s healing through her chemo treatments
• Correction: Last month we put in one incorrect website
• Pray for the new TV Game show - "The American Bible Challenge"
• Pray for Melissa who has been hired as a staff writer on Revolution
• Pray for Alan Horn as he takes over as the new Chairman for Disney Studios
• Let's pray for one of America's favorite actors, Morgan Freeman
• Pray for the industry professionals in Hollywood to overcome depression!
• Pray for ten of the celebrities who are in this summer's blockbuster films
• Pray for Christians to be more strategic in their desire to impact Hollywood
• Pray for HPN to start "PRAYING OVER HOLLYWOOD" Prayer Helicopter rides
• Pray for HPN’s new updated DVD as we shoot it this summer
• Praise for industry pro Russell, who has just been diagnosed bladder cancer
• Check out our communities upcoming events


• Thank God for answered prayers and thank you for praying as we went to Indonesia last month for the World Prayer Assembly. It was awesome and gave us a renewed passion in the need for prayer for our industry. We spoke to three groups of people, prayed with people from 110 different nations and on Thursday night joined 100,000 Christians in Jakarta's Coliseum, right down town, to praise God pray for the nations and worship him in many languages. It was an historic time for the Christians in Indonesia. And we got the chance to spread our vision to pray for the media. Our message changed the hearts of many people who hadn't heard this message before and inspired others with the encouragement to act on their dreams of working as Christian professionals in the media. HERE is a link to watch a news piece on the event. (Don’t miss Caren on it!)

• Praise God for what He's doing to spread the message across the country that Hollywood is the nation's most influential marketplace today. Karen got a chance to lift up three of the major Hollywood "industry-friendly" churches in an article in Church Executive Magazine. Let's pray that other church leaders are inspired to support the arts both within and outside of the church, as part of God's overall plan to touch the people in Hollywood with His loving, healing and saving hand. Click HERE to read about Hollywood Presbyterian, Bel Air Presbyterian and Lake Avenue churches and their support of entertainment professionals.


• Continue to pray for Gloria’s healing, her strength and her influence to her co-workers and associates as she bravely pushes through her chemo treatments for breast cancer. She is a strong believer, an incredible young producer, and she and her new husband Chris so appreciate our prayers and support. 

Last month I listed three companies who help Christians with guides to films with Christian themes. We put in one incorrect website and we so apologize to Allied Faith and Family for the error. Please check out their correct site at: http://www.alliedim.com/

• Pray for the Lord to honor a new TV Game show that's premiering on GSNTV in August called "The American Bible Challenge." It's a Bible game show where the winner gives away the money he earns to bless someone else! Let's also pray for the show's host, Jeff Foxworthy, who is excited about being a part of this project. To learn more about it click HERE and then click on the video to the left of the page.

• Pray for Melissa who has been hired as a staff writer on Revolution, a new TV series by known producer, J.J. Abrams. Revolution is an upcoming American science fiction dramatic TV series on NBC Monday nights. Pray that Melissa will be the BEST writer and Ambassador for Christ to J.J. Abrams and the whole staff and crew of the show. For more info on the show click HERE.

• Alan Horn takes over as the new Chairman for Disney Studios. It’s a big change from Rich Ross, who was leading for a short time. This is a key position to determine what types of films Disney will put into production. So would you pray for God to speak to Alan, giving him wisdom and a vision for the “family” as he green lights Disney’s upcoming films. For more info on Alan click HERE.

• Let's pray for one of America's favorite actors, Morgan Freeman. He is searching spiritually and as a role model to so many, may the Lord confirm in Morgan's heart the truth of who He is and how much He loves Morgan. Pray also that Morgan can experience a transformation in his heart, so that it overflows with peace, joy, hope and unconditional love. HERE is an article about the third season of Morgan's Science series "Through the Wormhold," and his views about it.

• Pray for the industry professionals in Hollywood to overcome depression! It's one of the most effective forms of spiritual battle in this marketplace mission field. The enemy attacks people with discouragement, depression and even despair.   We need your prayers to lift the creative community out of this powerfully draining mindset. To understand better how to pray, read this article by Gary, who runs a Bible Studies in Hollywood. Click HERE to read Gary's article. And those of you who live here, you are welcome to attend these solid and encouraging studies. Email Gary at: gary@tinseltownministries.org

• Let’s pray for ten of the celebrities who are seen in this summer's blockbuster films. Let's lift up their personal lives, their relationships with others and with God and ask the Lord to fill them up with His truth, love, hope, joy, peace and salvation! It is SOOOO difficult to be a celebrity for man was not meant to get the glory – God was! Celebrities all need God's help to live lives of purpose and significance, because just being a "star" will never give them what they need. 

1. Johnny Depp - Dark Shadows
2. Robert Downey Jr. - The Avengers
3. Chris Evans -The Avengers
4. Noomi Rapace - Prometheus
5. Anne Hathaway - The Dark Knight Rises
6. Christian Bale - The Dark Knight Rises
7. Sacha Baron Cohen - The Dictator
8. Will Smith - Men In Black III
9. Tommy Lee Jones - Men In Black III
10. Charlize Theron - Snow White and the Huntsmen

• Would you pray for Christians to be more strategic in their desire to impact Hollywood? Instead of getting angry, boycotting or cutting off this city, HPN believes that the greatest eternal impact we can have is to pray for and invest in the Three p’s: people, projects and property. As we invest in the people, in the creative projects and in the purchase of property, we will see more people find Jesus, more positive changes in the content of films, TV shows, video games and music, and we'll see Christians being taken more seriously as a stronger, viable presence in this marketplace.

• Pray for HPN to start "PRAYING OVER HOLLYWOOD" Prayer Helicopter rides. We have wanted to get prayer warriors to gain a vision of the importance of praying for Hollywood by flying them over the city and praying over it, from God's perspective. We got inspired to do this 5 years ago when we met an amazing pastor from Denver, Tom Melton, who helped start PRAYER ONE Helicopter prayer rides over his city. We knew this was perfect for Hollywood. Would you pray with us that the Lord will supply the finances to spread our vision to pray for Hollywood by setting up prayer helicopter rides over the studios and key entertainment locations around the city? Be inspired by reading THIS recent article about Tom & Jeff's vision in Denver.

• Pray for HPN as we shoot our updated version of “The Hollywood Tribe” DVD. It’s a new season in Hollywood and we have to update all of you on what’s happening and how you can more specific in your prayers. Would you ask the Lord to help us capture exactly what He’s doing here so that we can spread His vision effectively?


• "An industry member and friend Russell, who just had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in his bladder was a success and Russell is home. The doctor was able to remove the small tumor and did not find cancer anywhere else - Praise God!!!" Russell and Marion


• TheCRY Toronto is coming up on July 28th in Toronto, Canada. Toronto is often called "Hollywood North" and is a significant city for Canada. Please pray about joining us there for another awesome prayer strike for our generation. Find out more at  http://www.thecrymovement.com

• For other upcoming summer events click on: http://hollywoodconnect.com/events/upcoming

Thanks so much for praying and have a wonderful June!
Karen and Caren

Click HERE to learn the 22 rules of storytelling by Pixar, the company who knows how to tell the greatest stories.

"The world doesn't learn about God by watching Christian movies. The world learns about God by watching Christians."   - Phil Vischer

"But I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might show you my power and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth." Exodus 9:15-17

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