Why is it that we can never...

be completely happy with our life on earth? I was just wondering about this. Why is it that there always seems to be something in the way or some difficult situation or some problem that we encounter that leads us to never be totally satisfied or fulfilled with life. Not that I was really asking myself this question, but it was something I was thinking about. Then it suddenly hit me that perhaps the reason why goes beyond the simple fact that we are not perfect and this earth is corrupt, but there is more to it than that. I came to the conclusion that perhaps the problems in our lives and the difficult situations that we always seem to encounter are also a result of the fact that God does not want us to be totally satisfied here on earth and actually we can never be satisfied with our lives here on earth for the same reason that we can never be truly happy, fulfilled and satisfied without God in our lives. Everything revolves around Him and our shortcomings and pains and sufferings here on earth really serve us a lesson that there is a much better place, a much better destiny that we are all supposed to get to, that we are all supposed to focus on, but that few people ever receive for the simple fact that they do not choose God.

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