Hollywood & God

Hollywood and God
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Ray Comfort interviews people that profess the Christian faith and asks them why they go to see movies that contain blasphemy, cursing and the lot. (www.hollywoodandgod.com)

Sinful movies - blasphemy, cursing, lust, etc. etc....this can be a struggle for many Christians when choosing movies to watch. It is understandable because this is the modern state of entertainment. It is all around. But, how can we relate our Christianity, which opposes sin in all its corruption and perversion and sickness and death, with entertaining ourselves with sinful movies, music, books and etc? My point is, why do we willingly soak in corruption for entertainment purposes when we can easily avoid it simply by not watching it, reading it, listening to it? Can that even be validated? What do we really gain by giving in to it, apart from a few cheap laughs or tears, one profound moment of time? This doesn't have anything to do with an opposition to realism - you can't get any more real than the Truth (Jesus) - which is the whole point. You can make the choice for yourself. I choose to try my best to protect myself from the corruption of the world.

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