What Is The Point Of Prayer? (Please Read)

If God knows everything about us, including our thoughts and our hearts, and he knows all of our needs - then what is the point of praying to God?
I have had more than one person ask me this question. I have found that before I even read the Bible as a believer of God, I knew that I needed to speak to God. I knew that God is all-knowing and all-powerful, but that was not really the point of why I prayed to God. You see, prayer is more than just asking God for things or asking for forgiveness or moving on the behalf of other people, it is about communicating to God. Prayer is one way, a powerful and easy way, to communicate with God. Prayer provides us the opportunity to talk to and fellowship with God. Because being a believer of God is not just about having faith, it is about having a personal and loving relationship with our Heavenly Father. If anyone had a relationship with someone, they would not want that person to cease from speaking to them. The more they care about them, the more they want to communicate with them. Prayer is one way for us to fellowship with God. It is not about God not being able to do anything apart from our prayers to Him because God is not limited to our own capabilities. And, anyway, apart from Him we can do nothing good anyway because God is goodness. So, there are many reasons to pray, but the primary reason - I believe - is to participate in communicating and fellow-shipping with God. And, I have personally found that doing this provides a great blessing to me. It makes me feel better and happy and it comforts me. Because, I enjoy the presence of my God who loves me and cares for me and knows what is best for me. I know that God is always right, and I can always trust and rely on Him. The truth is that no one and nothing is better than God. So please, if you are lacking in your prayer life or if you don't have a prayer life at all, please consider the point that I have made. What could it hurt?

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