How Does God's Grace Work?

1. Grace releases supernatural strength to keep going in the midst of pain, suffering, and loss. The Holy Spirit helps us face adversity.
2. Grace ignites determination to keep going.
3. Grace reminds us that God is always with us.
4. Grace points us toward the Father’s goal in allowing trials. We can be content knowing we are in the center of His will.
5. Grace reminds us that God uses trials to strengthen our faith and deepen intimacy with Him.
6. Grace assures us that the Lord sets limitations on what can happen to His children.
7. Grace gives us faith to believe God will transform tough times into something good.

When you feel discouraged and weary, take heart. Your heavenly Father still cares about you. As you remain in close fellowship with Him, God will give you the ability to tackle life’s challenges with divine peace and joy. That’s the power of sustaining grace.

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Anonymous said...

That's the power of positive thinking