Make halloween a soul winning event.

Instead of actually participating in halloween's ungodliness or instead of turning off the lights in order to avoid it completely, try spreading the Gospel instead and taking advantage of the opportunity that there will be door-to-door, trick-or-treating kids. I no longer participate in normal halloween activities since I've become a Christian, but I do take advantage of the easy opportunity to reach out to those kids that come knocking on my door. I buy Gospel tracts specially designed for kids and some of them have more of a halloween theme to them (I buy them off www.chick.com and www.atstracts.org). Then, I pass them out. After a while, I go around the neighborhood and put them on peoples front porches or somewhere they will notice later on, and try to pass them out to a few people as well. By that time, the younger kids are gone for the most part and it's really just the teenagers that are roaming about. I've never had a complaint about them, only a couple of adults that weren't interested. But, the kids accept them and never look down on it. Some of them look excited when they see what I have to give them (one boy said "I love these!"). I give them something different. They can get candy anywhere else, but at my house they get a kid-themed Gospel tract. Most of the ones I give out are in comic-book style only with a story that leads up to the Gospel message. I also hope that their parents will read it and it will give them something to think about. I pray before and after the event that God will use it to bless those kids and hopefully their families as well.

Here are some tips about using Gospel tracts on halloween (from www.chick.com):

1. Let Trick-or-Treaters pick from a tray stocked with different Chick tracts. (my note: or just hand them out like candy which is what I do)

2. Pass out Chick tracts at Haunted Houses.

3. Put a Chick tract under windshield wipers at adult Halloween parties.

4. Leave tracts in the candy section of stores.

5. Set up a table and give Trick-or-Treaters Chick tracts as they pass by your church.

6. Go house to house saying, "Trick or Tract," then hand the person a Chick tract.

7. Share Halloween tracts at school.

8. Leave Chick tracts at Costume shops.

9. Hit the streets, shouting, "Free comic books!" You'll be swarmed with requests.

10. Won't be home? Leave a box of Chick tracts at your front door with instructions.

11. Give some of your tracts to your Christian friends to get them involved.

12. Organize a church-wide Chick tract distribution project.

13. Hand out tracts at places where they sell Halloween pumpkins.

Buy Chick Tracts here.
Buy ATS Tracts here.

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