Is Israel being "shafted" to stand alone?

by Perry Stone Jr.

Recently, an opinion poll was conducted among Jewish citizens, living in Israel. The question was asked of the Israeli's, if Israel were to go to war with Iran, did they believe that the present American administration would stand behind them. To the shock of the pollsters, only 4% of those questioned, believed the administration would stand behind Israel. Since the reformation of Israel as a nation, this is the lowest confidence number in an American administration, on record.

The modern nation of Israel is actually in a unique and rather precarious situation. For example, the Ultra-Orthodox Jews living in Israel do not believe the modern nation of Israel is recognized in the eyes of God. It is the common belief among most Ultra Orthodox groups in Jerusalem, that only the Jewish Messiah has the legal, political and spiritual authority to recognize the existence of Israel. In their view, the Messiah is a future man that will defeat Israel's enemies, raise the dead and rule from Jerusalem. His assignment also includes liberating the Temple Mount and rebuilding the Third Temple.

There are also hundreds of thousands, even millions of Muslims living in and around Israel. While moderate Muslims in Israel (called Israeli Arabs) and many Muslims on Jordan are friendly toward their Jewish half brothers, there are other fanatics who call for the destruction of Israel and the removal of Jews from, "Palestinian Lands." This belief that is propagated in much of the West Bank, and especially in Gaza, make it difficult for Israel to negotiate a peaceful solution to co-exist with Muslims living among them. In fact, in some areas called the "Palestinian territories," if an Arab Christian or Muslim has Jewish friends or makes contact with Jews, they can be accused of being a collaborator and reporting information to Israeli authorities. This accusation usually climaxes in the death of the accused.

Then there is the international community. The entire world revolved around "black gold," the oil from the Middle East used to run the engines of world economies. The majority of oil producing nations is also Muslims nations, most of whom believe the Jews have no legal or spiritual rights to the land they now possess, and have been at times (remember the oil embargo) willing to use oil as an economic weapon against nations that would militarily defend Israel. The U.S. involvement in protecting Saudi Arabia in the first Gulf War did help the Arabs to understand how vulnerable their oil wells were in the event of a major war involving missiles.

Now there is the United States. From the time of President Harry Truman, until the conclusion of the Presidency of George Bush in 2008, the Israeli leaders knew that despite political opposition, they could depend upon the United States to be a supporter, a spiritual friend, and to defend the Jewish state if they were attacked by an enemy, or if they found the need to pre-empt a strike against a dangerous foe in the region. Israel found the need to take out an Iraqi nuclear reactor under Saddam Hussein and also to bomb a facility being built in Syria, which was being constructed for nuclear purposes.

With the new administration, the Israeli leadership has begun to receive various signals that they will not be as friendly toward the Jewish state, as previous administrations. For example, according to Israel sources, they were told by individuals high in the administration, "We are going to change the world so don't get in our way." It was reported they were also instructed not to construct any more apartments in the "occupied territories," and not to buy property, purchase buildings or lands in east Jerusalem, which has been designated as part of the occupied lands. But it doesn't end there. They have been discouraged from planning an attack against the Iranian nuclear facilities, and perhaps the most insulting moment came months ago when a photo was released from the White House showing the president speaking to Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, with the soles of his feet facing the photographer. To expose the bottom of your shoes or feet in the Arab world, is the highest insult and the worse thing a person can do in public. I was told that when the picture made news in Israel, many Muslims were laughing and saying, "The president is insulting Netanyahu!"

At this present time, it appears that the entire world has turned against Israel. The real root of this conflict is Jerusalem, as this city, sacred to three religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam, will be a "cup of trembling to all nations round about it" (Zech 12:2). In the future God will gather all nations against Jerusalem in a battle of all battles (Zech. 14:2). Presently, the conflict over Jerusalem is a religious and not a political one. Since the third holiest site in Islam is the Dome of the Rock and El Aqusa, the Muslims want the entire area liberated from the Jews and Christians. The larger and more influential the Islamic religion becomes in Europe, the more decisions will be made against Israel and pressure will be put upon the Israelis to give up more land and make more concessions for "peace," that is more an optical illusion than a dream that will come true.

In the future war of Gog and Magog, the Lord will glorify His name and receive all of the credit for Israel's victory of the numerous nations (all Islamic by the way), that will be crushed by not only the Israeli forces but through several supernatural interventions. (Ezekiel 38:18; 23). I am not and have never been concerned about the Jewish state's ability to defend itself from an enemies attack. If Israel were to unleash their capabilities, few nations on earth could withstand their advanced technology. However, I am concerned for those nations, such as the United States, whose present leadership apparently knows little or nothing about Biblical prophecy and the covenant God made with Israel, and the blessings provided to those who bless His people (Gen. 12:3). Only time will reveal how the new administration will treat Israel. The Israelis are very concerned that with the president's Islamic roots, he will lean more toward defending Muslims, for the sake of being popular and attempting to make America a more global community. Only time will tell how Israel will react and America will respond.

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