"The Lord hears your murmurings which you murmur against Him!" Exodus 16

This is startling! Does God really hear every discontented word we speak? Does God hear when we grumble about the weather, about the hard winter, about the late spring, about the dry summer, about the wet harvest, about the high winds, about the storms? Does God hear when we complain about our circumstances, about the hardness of our lot, about our losses and disappointments? If we could get into our hearts and keep there continually, the consciousness that every word we speak is heard in heaven, and falls upon God's ears before it falls upon any other ear--would we murmur as we now do? ~ J. R. Miller

Just the other day, I sat with a man who was grumbling about a personal problem, family issues, and a lack of direction in his life. How ungrateful. Just last year, I was grumbling about the same things. Funny, when I hear my children complain about "injustices" over toys, food, or "who had it first", it's so easy to see that a lack of gratitude clouds their vision and blinds them to the tremendous blessings they do have. "You have been so blessed!" I remind them, pointing to their health, loving family, and relative lack of problems. How much more should we as Christians be filled to overflowing with thanksgiving when we look at all that God has given us in Jesus Christ! The cross. No Hell. Heaven. Power to defeat sin. Peace. Friendship with God. Eternal love. Blessing Forever. Today, I'm going to whisper different words under my breath; words of praise, honor, and thankfulness to God for all He is, has done, and is yet to do. May you and I be marked as "holy grumblers," always muttering phrases that speak of the greatness, kindness, and love of Jesus Christ. And may we not only murmur them, but speak them openly with our friends, family, and even strangers. ~ Kirk Cameron

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Hi friend, peace...

Your blog very interesting.
But I have some questions for you:

First, why were you believe that Jesus is your God? Would you have evidence that Jesus is God? Or that is only your faith? What do you mean about “Jesus is God”? Does this mean have not same with mean “God of the Universe”? Or that is only mean “man as God”, like ancient Egypt peoples call Pharaoh as God?

Second, what do you response? If you know that the “God” which attribute on Jesus is created by Constantine (the Roman Emperor at 325 AC) and the leaders of Christians in Nicea Counsel on 325 AC (After Christ). In this councel, Constantine made huge changes in the faith, like “Jesus is Son of God”, and “Jesus is God”. The Emperor Constantine took “Jesus Conception” from Apollo, the son of the Greek God (Zeus). At the counsel of Nicea in 325 AC, the New Testament Cannon was changed. The writings of the New Testament were changed to be the books used by the church since Jesus they call God (Jesus is Son of God, Jesus is God).

Third, how about this informations? Nowhere in the Bible is the day of worship changed from Saturday to Sunday. This change was not made by the Almighty, but by the Roman Church. Christianity was corrupted by Paganism. The pure Deism of the first Christians was changed, by the Church of Rome, into the incomprehensible dogma of the trinity. There are many similarities between the pagan god of Christ and the Christian version of Jesus. For example, Greek mythology tells of Christ bring born to the virgin Isis on December 25.

Fourth, how about this information? God is Allah, the One and Only. Allah is God, on whom all depend. Allah begets not, and nor begotten; and none is like Allah (The Holy Qur’an 112:1-4).

Thanks for you answer.
I hope we can be friend, although we have different perspective.
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And... if you love books, don’t forget to read The Holy Qur'an please...