Hal Lindsey Report (01-13-12): China Rising, It is Written, a Lesson from Lot, Land for No Peace, Embracing the Enemy, "Dividing the land..."

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This week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report'

China is rising. This is no secret. In fact, China is now a greater part of our daily lives than many Americans would prefer. Not only are many of the goods we purchase manufactured in China (goods that once were made in the USA), but every American owes thousands of dollars to China by virtue of the money it has lent our government.

Gradually, China is buying its way into every country in the world, or so it seems.

But China is also a paradox. While it is undeniably the dominant economic engine of Asia -- some would say of the world -- it is a nation still ruled -- and some would say brutally so -- by a repressive Communist regime.

And, apparently, the regime is growing a little worried. Last week, Chinese President Hu Jintao accused the West of trying to expand its influence in China by corrupting Chinese culture. (He's just now noticing this? He apparently hasn't seen American TV or movies or listened to much American music the last couple of decades.)

Writing in the Communist Party's magazine, President Hu warned his countrymen that the West is trying to divide the Chinese people using ideology and culture. He also declared that China needs to deepen and promote its own brand of Chinese socialism.

He obviously feels America's newfound socialism is inferior to the Chinese version.

It's also no secret that China has embarked on an aggressive military build-up. I suppose with all the extra money from exports, all the extra young men who have no prospects for marriage due to China's one-child per family policy with a premium placed on male children, Chinese industry's massive and unquenchable thirst for energy products and raw materials, and its deep-seated need for regional hegemony, a military build-up is the logical way to go.

Interestingly, China is building its military just as the United States is gutting its own. I'm sure this pleases China, but I'm also sure it perplexes Europe. This means that Europe will have to rethink its own defense capabilities and obligations. For the first time since World War Two, Europe may not be able to rely on the USA to defend it. Europe may actually have to provide for its own defense -- and offense.

This all fits in with Bible prophecy: A weak (or non-existent) USA and a militarily strong China and Europe; not to mention a revived Russia and a united Muslim confederacy that stretches across northern Africa and down the Arabian peninsula. Every bit of which we are seeing develop right now.

Meanwhile, back at the kibbutz, Israel continues to wonder what will happen when the new gunslinger in the neighborhood, the Muslim Brotherhood, finally assumes power in Egypt. The hardline Islamist group has won the largest share of seats in Egypt's parliament. Contrary to the naive assurances of the Obama Administration, the Muslim Brotherhood, together with the even harder-line Salafist party, will be the dominant power in Egypt. And to no one except the Administration's surprise, its leaders have already announced that they will seek ways to abrogate Egypt's 33-year old treaty with Israel.

Since the 1979 Camp David Accords were the first in the line of insufferable "land for peace" swindles forced upon Israel by the rest of the world, the question may soon be asked, "Will the US uphold its end of the bargain?" You see, President Jimmy Carter convinced Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin to sign the treaty with Anwar Sadat and return the Sinai to Egypt by assuring him that the US would guarantee Egypt's compliance with the treaty's terms. And vice versa with Mr. Sadat, I'm sure.

So, if Egypt's new Islamic government reneges on the pact, will the US honor its guarantee and insist that Egypt return the Sinai to Israel, who held it prior to 1979? After all, if it's truly "land for peace," then if the "peace" is withdrawn, the land should be returned, shouldn't it? My advice to you: don't hold your breath until this happens!

In truth, the same should apply to the Gaza Strip as well. Israel ceded land in return for a promise of peace. There's been no peace with the PA and Hamas, so shouldn't the land be returned? Again, no breath-holding.

Well, you get my point.

However, the Bible prophets tell us that someday soon, a man will come along who will seem to be able to finally make a "land for peace" deal stick. He, too, will guarantee Israel's safety and the Israelis will believe him. So much so that they will let down their guard and finally live in peace and security with their neighbors. The prophets described it as a time of living safely "in unwalled villages."

Of course, the Bible also tells us that about halfway through the covenant's seven-year term, this man will reveal his true nature and insist on being worshipped as God. That's when, as the saying goes, all hell breaks loose.

Fortunately, you and I won't be here. We'll be long gone, caught up to meet our Lord and Savior in the air. And you know what? It won't be a moment too soon. Come quickly, Lord Jesus.


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