Voice of the Martyrs: North Korea Update and Donation Opportunity

via Voice of the Martyrs e-Letter
December 25,

As this e-mail is being written, VOM-sponsored workers are on a boat off the coast of North Korea launching helium-filled scripture balloons over one of the darkest nations on earth. As workers packed the vessel and prepared to leave, they learned that North Korea's iron-fisted dictator, Kim Jong Il, had suddenly died of a heart attack.

While the world speculates about the future of North Korea, VOM's field director says, “It's business as usual. We're in ministry, not politics.”

Scripture Balloon

Christians in North Korea continue to face brutal persecution. Many are imprisoned in labor “death” camps, where they are subjected to starvation and torture.

Sister Yang was tortured for a month after being suspected of being a Christian. A woman sitting near Sister Yang had overheard her praying quietly and reported her to authorities.

“They beat me with a shovel,” Sister Yang told VOM. “Eventually my whole body had turned blue.”

Click here to learn more and watch a short video clip of Sister Yang's powerful testimony of faith and perseverance.

VOM also invites you to make a contribution before year-end to help us continue and expand our work in North Korea and other restricted nations worldwide. All contributions received on or before Dec. 31 will be receipted for 2011.

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