chester stiles arrested for child rape

I am very saddened and concerned over the situation. Of course, I feel sorry for the little girl that was raped and I have prayed for she and her family, and anyone that cares for her. I was very young at the time, but I might have been in a situation in which I was molested. There was also another molestation attempt on me when I was a little older at seven or eight years old. Fortunately, I was able to get away, but I felt bad afterwards, as if I had done something wrong. Anyway, I've put that behind me and have been able to move on from it. At least the little girl probably won't remember much of anything if anything at all about the incident once she gets a little older, since she is so very young. I don't know very much about this incident, except for some brief news bits. I do believe that, if all of these charges against Chester Stiles are true, then he should definitely be kept away from the public, especially children, and be sentenced accordingly. However, at the same time, I feel sorry for him. I know reading this might outrage some people. But, that's how I feel. I have no idea what kind of childhood he had and what has happened in his life. For all I know, he might have been molested growing up and that can have very damaging and perverse effects in people as they grow up. Some things are backwards for some of them and they might end up doing some terrible things, like rape and murder, and most importantly - deny God. I do not feel hatred for him, except for what wrong he's done in his life. Rather, I love him and I forgive him of his sins. Not very many people would be willing to feel that in their hearts for him. I know it would be a lot harder for me to feel and say that if what he did to that little girl was done to me or someone very close to me. But, it's right for me to feel love for him because that's what my God does. None of us are perfect. To want him to be condemned would be to want the same for myself. I know that God loves him still, as he loves everyone, and he would rather him turn from his sins to save his life rather than to have to destroy him. So, I prayed for Chester Stiles and that's the best thing that I can do for him. Apart from the understandable prison time, Chester Stiles needs people to love, forgive and help him. He needs salvation. That's what God does for us and that's what I would want for me if I was in his position.
Thank you for taking time to read my comments. God bless you. Jesus loves you.

"But to you who listen, I say, Love your enemies, And do good to those who hate you, And bless those who curse you, And pray for those who exploit you... And you shall be the children of the Most High, who heals the evil person and the sinner...Be thus merciful as your Father is also merciful." (Luke 6:27-28, 35-36) (D.N.T. - Galilean Edition)

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