Harvest (09-16-07)

This is kind of a late posting. My local church fellowship was recently involved in a programme called "The Jerusalem Project" in which we called people in our local area for five weeks inviting them to a special service on the date that I mentioned above. We called five nights a week from around 6:30PM-8:30PM. We also took prayer requests. There were different people from church involved in it. Some people were "callers" (such as me) and other people were the "prayer people" praying on behalf of the prayer requests we received. Still, others mailed out church information, invitations and prayer cards. Food and drinks were provided every night we called. We called probably around three thousand people and probably around a hundred of those people chose to attended the service that day. We also had a luncheon for the invited guests after the 11AM service. The whole purpose of the event was to give "unchurched" people (people that don't attend a local church fellowship) a local church fellowship home. The most important thing to us is that people are saved. But, we know that it is also important to fellowship with other believers. That is why we chose to do this. We weren't looking for money and we weren't trying to get people that are already members of another local fellowship to leave it and become members of our local fellowship (that is, unless the person is involved in a church that we know for sure is messed up in a lot of ways). Overall, the "harvest" was very successful. A hundred people out of three thousand doesn't seem like very much, but it is. Some of the people that attended Harvest have joined our local church fellowship since then. One family was just baptized yesterday. It's incredible. But, praying for those prayer requests and really reaching out to people is such a blessing as well. For example, one of the people on my "call list" is a woman that was home-ridden and was just about to get a liver transplant. My Dad went through the same process five years ago, and so I had a lot of knowledge and experience over that kind of situation. God purposely set it up so that I would be the one to talk to that woman and we were both blessed because of it. I also ended up coming across someone on my "call list" that had been my friend when I was a freshman in high school and we hadn't seen or spoken to each other for years. I didn't know where she lived or her phone number. Now, I do. That was another blessing. I recommend this "Jerusalem Project."


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