Adam To Noah - Redemption Plan In Names

These are the first ten generations of male human beings: Adam, Seth, Enos, Canaan, Mahalaleel, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech and Noah. These men of the Bible, over 4000 years ago, knew a prophecy of God coming down to earth to save mankind. Most people assume that the story of salvation is only told in the New Testament. But, actually, the story of salvation was revealed from the very beginning. Even the meaning of the names of the first ten generations of men in the Bible reveals the ultimate redemption of mankind through God and how it would happen:

Haadam (Adam) - the first man; ruddy/human; to show blood (in the face)/red
Sheth (Seth) - put, place, set up, appointed
Enosh (Enos) - son of Sheth, a mortal, to be frail/feeble, melancholy
Kenan (Canaan) - fixed, a nest, to erect, habitation, dwelling place
Mahalaleel - Praise of God, blessed God, fame, strength/mighty, be strong, be clear/shine, make a show, rave
Yered (Jared) - a descent, to descend, he shall come down
Chanok (Enoch) - initiated, trained, initiate, narrow, dedicate, consecrate, train up
Methushelach (Methuselah) - man of a dart, an adult, extent, when, missile of attack, to send away/send for/send out
Lemek (Lamech) - son of Methusael/Methuselah; a cative, someone who is ruled
Noach (Noah) - rest, quiet, comfort

Ultimate Translation
Man (Is) Appointed Mortal Sorrow (But) The Blessed God Shall Come Down Teaching (And) His Death Shall Bring The Captives Rest

This is exactly what God did thousands of years later in Jesus. Human beings are appointed mortal sorrow, but the Blessed God came down teaching (Jesus) and His death brought the captives (fallen human beings) rest. It amazes me how deep and rich the Bible really is to see a prophecy like this in something so simple as a name.

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Hello, i like your blog page. Seems like you know something about the word wich is always good. Stay encouraged and dont give up. Take care and God bless