My Precious Kitten Steady (09-01-08-04-06-09)

He was a sickly kitten ever since he was born. He had a disease that made him shake all the time and he had poor balance. He would get dirty easily and have a hard time getting around. He would attract a lot of fleas and couldn't take care of himself properly, though he tried. He was probably anemic. Then, a freak accident happened which ultimately probably caused his death. Somehow he trapped himself underneath the refrigerator in a very hot spot where the wires are. He must have been in there the better part of a day and it was also a very hot day so it was even worse. We kept looking for him and had no idea where he was until my brother found his tail. Then, we pulled him out. He was extremely dehydrated and couldn't hardly breath. We kept trying to nurse him back to health, but he was so weak he couldn't even eat or drink anything. The next morning I took him to the vet, but the vet couldn't seem to do much. He gave him a steroid shot and a liquified sugar pill as insulin. Yet, despite this, he didn't improve much. But, I told myself that after what happened to Shima that I would try to do better if something were to happen to the other cats. That's why I took him to the vet. It cost $36, which is money we don't really have, and the vet didn't do very much, but at least I tried to do something more than what I could do at home. Every time we thought he was going to die, he never did. There was miracle after miracle. But, in his final moments he gasped for air. Then, he went silent. We thought he died, but he didn't. Then, I tried to give him some water through a straw to hydrate him, though I knew there was the possibility that he wouldn't have the energy to even swallow it. I had to do something for him. So, I decided to do it. But, he must have choked on it. I tried to help him get the water out or something, but it was too late. He was on his last breath and that took the rest out of him. My family kept praying for him and he got better after we prayed for him. But, I also prayed to God that he would take care of Steady and do what was best for Him. I commended Steady up to God. Steady was so miserable and sick during those last two days and in his whole life that part of me just wanted him to get out of his misery and pass away. I felt so bad for him, but being sickly made him even more special than the other cats that we have. He wasn't afraid of anything and he loved to be around us. He was the best kitten that you could ever have.

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