Hal Lindsey Report - Terrorist Propaganda Masters & Media Bias

I am going to just be blatantly honest here. I know some people wouldn't agree with my statements and might even become angry by my statements, but I need to tell the truth. This is in regards to Israel and the terrorists. People fail to realize that many of the muslim nations of the world are really being run by the terrorists. In the Israeli-Gaza Strip conflict people assumed that Israel was acting as a terrorist when, in reality, Israel was only defending itself; and rightfully so, unless you are not supposed to defend yourself when 800+ rockets have been launched at you for two years and have caused the injury and deaths of many people. The fact is that Palestinian death tolls were greatly exaggerated and most of them were actually fabricated. Most of the deaths of Palestinians that did occur were actually caused by the Palestinian's own "government." I use the term government loosely because it is really a terrorist-run organization. Most of the Palestinians that died in the Gaza conflict were actually by the hands of their own terrorist-run government called hamas. And, yes, hamas are that sick to do something like that. That is because they believe in their cause so much that they are willing to do anything - literally anything - to fulfill it, even to the point of killing their own people. In their minds, this is an honorable cause. Why would so many muslim nations vote for leaders like this? Most of the money that was given to Gaza for aid (like for food and health supplies) actually went to the military which they used to just shoot rockets all the time and cause havoc. Ironically enough, the Arabs have more rights living in Israel then they do in their own countries. Why is that? I think the Israelis - their so-called enemies - care more about the Arabs then their own government just based on that, don't you think? They also have a belief that if you lie in order to fulfill the ultimate agenda then this is okay. That sounds like "the ends justifies the means." That is why so many of these terrorists have made so-called peace contracts with world leaders and then they turn their backs on it. They do not really care to have peace with Israel. They use the peace contracts as a way to get Israel to let their guard down just a bit and then they continue their plots. They always do this. They want to destroy Israel because that is their belief. They are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve that. If you don't know this then you don't understand their beliefs. This is one of their own tactical tricks in order to boost support for themselves in the world and fulfill their agenda. They try to make Israel look like the bad guy and twist everything around. This is routine for them. Sadly, it looks like it worked again. The fact that the world is buying into the lies proves how literally insane much of the world really is. The president of Iran actually said that he wants Israel to be blown of the map, and that Israel is the "little satan" and America is the "great satan." What's that all about? And, many of the world leaders seem to never learn from history. Many of the nations surrounding Israel are always wanting Israel to give away land. They say land for peace. Yet, every time Israel gives away land there is never peace. The muslim nations always want something more and so Israel keeps giving more and more land away. Why is it that there's never peace then? It is because the muslim nations do not really want peace with Israel because they are taught to hate Israel and to not want it to exist. First, they want this piece of land and next they want Jerusalem. They will keep bargaining until Israel is gone because that is their ultimate goal. Why do these muslim nations want Israel's land so much? Israel is so small compared to the rest of the middle east that it's pathetic. Israel is only 1/6 of 1% of the total land-mass of the middle east. So, why is the land of Israel always of so much concern to the muslim nations - particularly Palestine? I know they care about Jerusalem because it is a holy city to them, yet it is not their holiest city - that would be Medina. But, to the Jews, no place is more holy than Jerusalem. So, there is no contest then as to who considers it more holy. It is not like the muslims are not allowed to go to Jerusalem to visit the city for a pilgrimage. As the Bible says, Israel are God's chosen people and there is a grave penalty for doing evil towards them. Furthermore, the land of Israel really belongs to God Himself (who miraculously brought together the current state of Israel in the land as was prophesied in the Bible thousands of years ago) and it is not to be divided in any way - especially Jerusalem. Even Israel has hurt themselves by making land-for-so-called-peace negotiations throughout the past few decades (which always include certain agreements that the other side never fulfills though as far as I know Israel does fulfill their end of the bargain). So, dividing the land of Israel is actually condemned by God in the Bible ( you shall not divide my land, God says in the Bible). And, I want to make one last point. I am not saying that all of the people in the muslim nations are terrorists and that all of them hate Israel and that all of them are for the terrorist-run governments. But, many of them are and this is their culture and part of their beliefs. Don't get me wrong, I do not hate the Palestinians nor anyone. I love the Palestinian people, the muslims and even the terrorists (though I hate their wrong actions), but I also love Israel. And many of these nations and terrorist groups are not doing right towards Israel. Israel hasn't really done anything wrong towards them. Don't give into the lies. Question the media. Check the history. Check the Bible. See the truth for yourself.

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