Faith Evangelism Team Update

I'm on the FAITH Team at church. It is an evangelism training course, and we go out and make visits to people. We make both evangelistic and ministry visits. Most of them are either those who have some connection to our church (like they made a visit) or they are visits requested by other members of our church. Sometimes we do "Welcome Wagon" visits - people who are new in the community - which we treat as evangelistic. We also sometimes go up to people that are just in the neighborhood we're visiting. Every year there are two semesters of Faith Training - from february to may and the other from august to november. Every semester we see big numbers of people getting saved, baptized or rededicating their lives to Christ. We do not do this in order to just get people to join our church or to get money. The aim is for people to get to hear the Gospel message and hopefully decide to give their lives to Christ. If it's a ministry visit, to just go and offer a loving hand to those who are already saved, and just need a comforting visit from those who care or need some kind of help that the church can provide.

This semester, so far, there have been 45 people who have prayed to commit their life to Christ! The Gospel has been presented 108 times. There have also been many people who have gotten baptized this semester. Praise God! There are still four more weeks left of the semester. Please be in prayer for us!


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